Weekly Round Up #9

Are storms the new theme of the weekends now? Once again the storm meant another Sunday in the house, granted this is really helping me out as it is meaning I am getting plenty of content written, but I would much rather not feel like the windows are going to be blown out of the frames. It has definitely been a productive final week of February and we even managed to get to a football game although even that was touch and go for a bit. So here is how the week went...

Snow caused chaos on Monday morning and Liam ended up having the day off due to it whilst I still ended up in work. Luckily it had all gone by home time so he picked me up and we headed straight to do the food shop. Once we got home Liam made tea while I got some blog ideas jotted down.

Another day of chaos from the snow but once again it had all gone by lunchtime. I was at my grandparents again for tea and it was a brilliant. Once I got home though I was that tired I ended up going straight to bed.

Wednesday after work was a nice chilled night well as chilled as it can get as I ended up at my desk working on even more blog ideas, I am trying my best to get ideas straight down so I don't forget them like I used to.

Thursday after work me and Liam headed off to pick up a few bits for the house. We ended up going to TK Maxx, Home Bargains, The Range & Dunelm Mill. Unfortunately we didn't get all of what we set off out to get but we got a few bits including a blind for the spare room. 

After work I went to see my nephew again which was brilliant but once I got home it was a case of a quick tidy in the living room before sitting down to watch some TV with Liam. It was a nice relaxed night.

We woke up to rain then snow, we got loads done in the house thanks to Liam & my dad then it was a waiting game to see if the football was going ahead. Luckily it was confirmed to be on so we got to see a game after what felt like ages away from Valley Parade. It was freezing but we got the win. Once we got home it was snowing again so I ended up trying to get warmed up & watching YouTube. 

 Another day in thanks to the storm. We did managed to get plenty of blog pictures taken then it was a case of being back to the PC to get the content written. I am trying to put time to one side on a Sunday to go through my emails and plan future content & a schedule. It is really helping me get more organised for a change.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching:  We watched a bit of the Simpsons once again and a few more episodes of the Witcher. But all I have really watched is YouTube as it is super easy to have it open on my 2nd screen whilst I am blogging.

Reading:  I managed a little bit more of my Minecraft book but it is really taking some getting into.

Listening to: I seem to have fallen into the Halsey trap once again. I have had all her music on shuffle throughout the week.

This week I want to get all this content that I have planned written, things are going so well at the moment and I feel like I am on top of everything for a change. Things are really moving with the house too as jobs are slowly being completed and the house is becoming tidy once more. I am hoping that I can finally get the wardrobe sorted and the kitchen next weekend too as there is no football.  

See you soon

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