Weekly Round Up #12

Another week with a lot of uncertainty and the last week of normality for us. I have now decided that as of Sunday I will only be going out for work & food shopping so here is what I got up to last week where we tried getting on as much as normal...

Monday was a pretty quiet day, it was work as usual for us both then we decided we didn't want to face the supermarket so we had a nice night in instead. 

Tuesday was the same as always by heading to the grandparents after work for tea, I know some of you wont agree with this but they aren't in the at risk category and they actually want us to still go see them. I can't see this happening for much long though.

After work we finally braved the supermarket, we managed to get a fair bit of stuff and it wasn't too busy luckily. Then it was McDonald's (the drive thru as always) for tea as neither of us really fancied cooking. 

After work on Thursday was a case of getting the nephews presents wrapped ready for Friday. This definitely took us a lot longer than expected so once that was done it was straight to bed.

Friday was the nephews first birthday and we actually went to the Deep, they were closing on the Sunday and there was a fair amount of people there, but it was nice as it definitely was a lot quieter than it should have been, there was no way this virus was going to ruin his special day. I know some people wont agree with this but only the immediate family went, we followed all measures & the Deep was still open so it was nice to support them before it shut.   

Saturday I was out with my mum where we went to the local market to pick up some food ready for Noah's little birthday party (immediate family only). I definitely will be going back to the butchers in our local market as the quality is absolutely fantastic plus it will definitely help them out when all this ends. We then had Noah's little party / mothers day celebration as who knows when we are all going to see each other again properly. 

Our first day in, or at least it should have been. We ended up having to run round to my parents to quickly help my dad fix the garage door. But we did spend a lot of the day just getting jobs done and I spent a lot of time getting blogging done. I decided that as of Sunday I was only going out if it was really essential such as work & food shopping. Luckily there is plenty to get done in the house and in the garden so there is enough to keep us going. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I have only really been watching YouTube.

Reading: Once again I need to start picking up my book, I have neglected it lately.

Listening to: Demi Lovato is all I have listened to once again.

This week I want to get even more jobs done around the house and get back to having dedicated blogging time. Plans have changed so I am making the most of my time at home and become a lot more productive.

See you soon

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