March 2020 New In

I have decided that this year instead of doing random hauls I will be doing one big haul between my paydays.

 I get payed on the 23rd of each month so these purchases have all been made before March 23rd. I originally wasn't going to spend much throughout March but with a mix of my nephews birthday, wanting to add to my wardrobe and some great game releases I have spent far too much.

My mum picked me up a copy of The Witcher: The Last Wish as it was on a multi buy deal and she was getting something. I am loving the TV show and can't wait to get started on the game so this book should make the perfect companion. 
I had a bit of Christmas money left over and was saving it to purchase a few games for the Nintendo Switch, the reason for waiting so long was because we had a trip to Scotland towards the end of March which has unfortunately been cancelled but at least now we are stocked up the games. I really wanted Two Point Hospital after seeing plenty of streams of the game and seeing a lot of things on Twitter about the game. I am really looking forward to getting started on this. I also picked up a copy of Minecraft as I just can't get enough of that game, in fact I love it so much it is on my PC, Laptop and all my consoles now. 

Now Animal Crossing was a no brainer of course we were going to get it. Liam managed to pick this up on release day for us so if we do end up stuck in for a while I can see this being played a lot, well even if we aren't stuck in too. I fell in love with New Leaf so lets hope I play this as much as I did that one. 

The gyms are closed but I am determined to try work out from home, I have been doing so well with my weight loss and even though the weight is taking a while to drop off it is doing. My auntie and uncle picked these weight plates up for me from Aldi for just £3.99 so now I have no excuse I need to carry on working out. 

I ran out of BCAA's the other week and then MyProtein were doing a deal of 50% so that combined with one of my favourite YouTuber's discount codes meant I got an absolute bargain. I picked up my favourite blue raspberry ones and decided to give the strawberry & lime ones a try. I also picked up another shaker for these.

For the nephew's birthday we went to The Deep in Hull, I hadn't been there before but I absolutely loved it as there were plenty of sharks. I think the obsession with sharks is still there too as you can see in the image above. I picked up a shark tote bag, a shark soft toy, a shark mug, a shark notebook and a new pen. 

My auntie managed to find me an absolute bargain. She found this Kelly Smith book in a charity shop for just 49p and it is in great condition. This book has been on my wish list for a long time but I have struggled to find it so to get it so cheap is fantastic.

I am terrible with the amount of product I put in my hair daily so I thought I would give this Fish deep cleansing shampoo & conditioner a go. I am really hoping this is as good as the VO5 gunk go I used to use.

I also got stocked up on some VO5 products that I haven't used before. I am really looking forward to giving the surfstyle paste & thickening powder a go as they could really make a difference to my style. I am sure you will be seeing these on the blog a few times. Would you like to see reviews on them?

I also managed to pick up a few other bits that were actually a few bargains, I got the Listerine cool mint from Poundland as we were running out. But then in boots they had some travel miniatures on offer and still on the 3 for 2 offer. I picked up a couple of the baby oils as they are really helping me out with my scars and helping reduce the visibility and keeps the skin nice and soft, these were just 10p each. I got some Nivea Men energy shower gels for when we finally go away, these were just 8p each and finally I got some Elvive shampoo for just 35p each.

Also from the pound shop I got a couple of containers to store my BCAA's in as I am sick of getting covered in the powder every time I go to make a drink. I have the powder in them at the moment and it looks great as well as being more convenient. 

My mum also managed to pick me up a few cleaning bits while she had been out. I had asked for her to have a look out got the 1001 carpet fresh as I have just run out so not only did she get me that but she also got me the Fabulosa version too. She also picked my up some new microfibre clothes & Windowlene as I am determined to get as many jobs done in the house as possible just to do a bit of a spring clean.

On one of my mum's trips to Asda she was right place right time as she managed to get some bits off the £1 sale rail. I am obsessed with checked pants at the moment so she managed to pick me these up and I love them. They fit really nice & are really comfy too so an absolute bargain.

I seem to have switched from wearing Nike socks daily to Primark trainer socks. They are really comfortable and at just £2 a pack I have got stocked up in the 3 main colours that go with the shoes I own. They seem to last me a while too but I go through that many pairs compared to how much I do the washing I like to be fully stocked. 

I made a H&M order this month too and picked up some Cargo pants, I got them in black and khaki at just £12.99 a pair they are fantastic. I have had plenty of compliments about them and they are so comfy. I am loving the cargo style so keep an eye out on here and Instagram as I think you will be seeing these more often.

As I said I am loving cargo pants at the moment so I also picked up these from Primark. These have metal zippers on and aren't cuffed at the bottom so they are a bit different to the H&M ones. These are a bit of a jean material too so they are a bit smarter.

Primark are doing printed t-shirts for just £2.50 at the moment. I picked this one up for just layering & lounging around in. Who knows it may become a pyjama top in the future too after a bit of wear. At £2.50 I may end up picking a few more up just for the use of pyjama tops.

Finally I picked up this striped top for the spring/summer season. I think this will be perfect for pairing up with some shorts in the warmer weather. The best part about this is that it scanned through at just £3 so it was definitely a bargain.

So there you have it that is everything I picked up in March. Let's hope I don't spend as much in April.

See you soon


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