Weekly Round Up #13

Monday was a day as normal for me, we were still in the office, me and my dad nipped down to the supermarket nice and early so me and Liam had half a chance of having fresh food for the week. That was a successful trip and we nipped back out that evening to get some bits for Liam's mum. Then Boris announced the lockdown which totally changed the course of the week.

Tuesday was a case of nipping into work to tie up any loose ends but by 2pm I was home to begin the lockdown. By 3pm I had already taken my first lockdown nap as I was bored already.

I started home workouts for a change just to give me something to do whilst I am sat at home. I then did a few jobs around the house before doing some blogging, it was taking a while though as motivation was gone at this point.

Day 2 in lockdown and it was a bit more productive, the workout was done, I cleaned the games room and I got on with creating some blog posts. By the time Liam got home I had done plenty and was ready to relax.

This was a day off from workouts as they were already killing me, I ended up having a blogging day on Friday, no housework just getting stuff done. Then I Facetimed the family and spoke to my auntie which broke the day up nicely.  

A day with Liam at home which was great, we had a bit of a lazy morning and then tackled the dumping ground at the top of the stairs. There were items there that hadn't been moved since we moved in. Now we have a nice clean space with just the iron & ironing board in there. After that it was just a day of gaming and relaxing. Although I did end up making a huge list of blog ideas whilst they were in my head.

A more relaxed day for us both, I did a few blogging bits and played some games but that was it before waiting for some blogger chats to start on Twitter, I am loving taking parts in them lately. 

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: Thank god for the release of Disney+, I have finally got around to watching the Incredibles 2 & High School Musical : The Series. Not only that though I have been watching some old favourites like Recess, Phineas & Ferb and Hannah Montana. Of course I have been watching plenty of YouTube too.

Reading: I managed about 5 pages of my book, hopefully I can finally finish it during the lockdown.

Listening to: Once again all that I have listened to is Demi Lovato, I just can't get enough of listening to all her different albums on Spotify. 

This week I want to be even more productive, I want to use specific days to work on each blog so I aren't bouncing back and forth on what I am doing that day, hopefully this will also help me create better content for you all too as I have so many ideas I currently want to work on. I also want to be productive in terms of housework, last week I managed to get plenty of bits clean but I want to properly sort the wardrobe and finally tackle the bottom of the stairs and get that looking good for a change. 

See you soon

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