Weekly Round Up #11

Well the Coronavirus seems to be really starting to cause a stir and last week it ended up cancelling the football, when will it be back? Who knows? But I guess it is keeping us all a bit safer with it being cancelled plus it gives me a little more time to get things done around the house. So here is how last week went...

A bit different from most weeks but I went to my grandparents on Monday last week instead of Tuesday as they were going away. It was a great night as my auntie was there too and she had just got back from her holidays and I hadn't seen her for a while. Once we had done there we ended up going to collect the nephews final birthday present.

Tuesday I was really thrown off as I usually end up at my grandparents after work however, with me going on Monday I was stuck for something to do so I ended up having a bit of a blogging night. 

We ended up doing our weekly shop on Wednesday last week instead so after work we headed to Tesco, before coming home and just going to bed to watch YouTube. 

Another night after work where I just wanted to relax. I don't know what it was last week but motivation just seemed to drop.

Friday after work I headed down to my sisters to spend some time with her and my nephew. Once I had done there it was home to watch some more YouTube & do a few bits for the blogs.

It was meant to be a day of getting stuff done around the house but my parents asked if me and Liam wanted a day out with them instead. So we ended up going to Southport with them for the day. It was a great day and it was nice to spend some time just the 4 of us.

It was my cousins little ones blessing on Sunday so we were there for the majority of the day but I did actually manage to get a few jobs done around the house before hand.

So here is what I had been doing last week...

Watching: I re-watched the Demi Lovato documentary on YouTube once again, but other than that all I have watched is other YouTube videos whether they were fashion, fitness or tech related.

Reading: With just watching YouTube I haven't picked my book up once again but hopefully I get back into a bit of a routine again.  

Listening to: Demi Lovato, Demi Lovato and Demi Lovato, that is all I have listened to.

This week I want to get most of the jobs on our list for around the house ticked off as things are slowly & surely coming together for us. It is my nephews 1st birthday this week to so I need to get everything ready for that & will be spending plenty of time with him too. Fingers crossed the football is still on twice this week too. The main things for the week though are spending time with family & getting jobs done.

See you soon

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