Tying BoohooMan Active Wear

I managed to win a £100 BoohooMan gift card back in 2020 and I had bought a few bits with it as soon as I received it however, for ages I couldn't think of anything to spend the remainder of the money on so it just sat unused and as it edged closer to the gift cards expiry date I knew I needed to find something to buy rather than wasting the money. It then clicked that I could do with some new workout clothing as what I currently owned was getting on the baggier side plus I had seen people saying how good their active range was. Now if you know me you will know I only stick to specific brands for working out in such as Under Armour, Nike, Gymshark and MyProtein however, after what I received from BoohooMan I think it is safe to say there is another favourite being added to that list. To say I got everything for under £50 I am amazed by the quality and the fit of the items although thanks to me sizing down the joggers and shorts don't fit just yet but that is something for me to aim for. The t-shirts and jackets I got are definitely firm favourites in my workout wardrobe now and I find myself reaching for them rather than some of my more expensive pieces. So here is what I ended up picking up...

I ended up getting this grey t-shirt that is made for running due to its reflective strips on the shoulders but honestly it can be worn for anything. I wear it from boxing and it is brilliant as it is made from a breathable material and fits nicely, it doesn't cling to me at all making movement much easier as there are no restrictions. The simple grey design with the black stripe down the side works really well with other workout clothing I own, especially my Under Armour sneakers and honestly you don't even realise the reflective strips are on this t-shirt. 

I am a little bit obsessed with 1/4 zip tops these days and it is definitely starting to show in my purchases. I ended up getting this grey and black 1/4 zip as I thought it would work well with a lot of my other clothing such as the grey t-shirt we have just spoken about. I was a bit worried with this one as I often struggle with arms length of 1.4 zip tops but this was perfect and it even works well with my boxing gloves on which is a bonus as this is when it would be worn the most. it is nice and simple with the two colours and minimal branding and it fits me surprisingly well even in the body length. This has slowly become my most worn 1/4 zip top as it is just so comfortable. 

I knew I wanted another t-shirt to add to the growing collection but I fancied something a bit different. I don't own many navy pieces for workouts so as soon as I came across this t-shirt I knew I needed to add it to my basket and I am so glad I did. Not only is it a nice colour but it is also really comfortable and is nice and plain. The only branding is the silver ManActive on the sleeve and this navy patch on the back which I though would annoy me but honestly you don't even know it is there. This t-shirt s longer in the body than some of my others and I appreciate that as when doing exercises it doesn't ride up and show off my skin. The arms are a nice comfortable fit too and aren't too tight or short meaning they stay in place and don't restrict any exercises I am doing. 

Finally we have another 1/4 zip top and I had to get this as it matches the t-shirt we just spoke about.  I honestly only got this top as it matched the t-shirt we just spoke about, it has the same silver details on the end of the sleeves and the patch on the back so it works well together and the outfit still flows if I remove the 1/4 zip top. The best part about this one though is the thumb holes which are always an added bonus and come in great for a bit of extra warmth. I don't wear this for boxing due to the thumb holes but it great for other workouts I do and who knows if I get running I think this will be perfect whilst the weather is still on the cold side. 

BoohooMan has definitely put itself on my radar for workout clothing in the future and I think as my size is constantly changing this could be the place I turn to the most for quick restocks as it is super affordable so even if they only fit for a few months I wont be feeling like I have wasted a fortune. I think another order maybe being placed soon as you can never have too many 1/4 zip tops. 

Can you recommend any other brands for me to try for workout clothes? 

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