The Fragrance's I would love to pick up soon

I currently have a very nice collection of fragrance on the go and it is all looking great on display in the spare room however, it just feels like something is missing. For so long I have been without one of my signature scents and it is driving me mad although at the same time I am absolutely loving my bargain Primark fragrances. I have definitely thinking about upgrading my collection lately though and here are some of the fragrances I would love to add... 

I had the Tom Ford Black Orchid a few years ago and it became a favourite of mine very quickly due to how strong the scent was. This is definitely on the expensive side of things which is why I haven't picked up another bottle just yet but fingers crossed this year I can pick up another bottle so I can enjoy my favourite scent once more. 

I have had my eye on the Moschino Toy Boy for a while and after actually smelling the fragrance I want it even more. Originally I only wanted this fragrance due to the bottle but now I can honestly say the smell of it actually comes into play. How good would this look out on display though? 

Of course with me wanting Toy I also came across Toy 2 which is in this pink bottle and thought if I am going to get the black bottle I might as well get the pink one to go alongside it. This bubblegum one looks fantastic but again it also smells fantastic. Plus it will look great on display at the side of the Toy one if I pick them both up. 

The CK One fragrance is my current go to and thanks to me using it daily I am very slowly running low on this one and I will definitely miss it if I run out. This is one of the fragrances at the most reasonable price but it does the job as it smells really nice and is great for daily wear. 

Finally on the list we have the Tom Ford Madarino Di Amalfi Acqua signature scent, now this will only be purchased as a very special treat as it is on the very expensive side of things compared to all the other fragrances on this list. Again it was the bottle that sold me on this however, next time I see it I want to have a smell of it as it does sound like one that I would really enjoy wearing. 

So there you go those are the fragrances I would love to purchase in the very near future and I know that the CK One fragrance will definitely be bought in the next month or so as I can't be without this one currently. I do need to get through some of my cheaper fragrances that I currently own but sometimes you just can't beat a new fragrance. 

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