March 2022 Favourites

March has been a bit of a crazy month, it started off pretty slow then really picked up pace in the middle of the month but luckily slowed down at the end thanks to me having my surgery. To be honest I am pretty grateful that it slowed down as the rest was definitely needed even if I did end up bored stupid for most of the time I was recovering. So with it being a busy month there were plenty of new favourites and rediscoveries so here is what made the cut for my overall favourites of the month... 


Finding My Style

I feel like March was a bit of a month of discovery for me and I finally feel like I am starting to find my style. I played around with plenty of different items of clothing I own and made plenty of new purchases that fit with the overall style I am going for. The fact that I am slowly finding my style is giving me a big confidence boost and is really helping me discover what I really want to dress like on a daily basis. 


New project

March has been a month of getting things organised for mine and Liam's new project and although we started it in January I feel like we have made the most progress with it through March. We have got new equipment to help us out and have set the ball rolling with a few more ideas we have. Fingers crossed April is a good month for the project too. 


New Set Up

I finally transformed the spare room in March and WOW I am so glad I did as the new space has been great for filming reels so far. I can't wait to use this space so much more for other things I am currently working on as I think that it is going to increase productivity a whole lot more. I just have to get a few bits and the full set up will be complete.   

Health & fitness

Seeing Progress 

At long last I seem to be noticing the progress I am making on my journey at the moment. For so long I felt I was getting nowhere but then in March I thought I looked better when looking in the mirror, clothes were fitting me better too which is also a bonus. However the thing that impressed me the most was the fact I could feel myself getting stronger, I felt able to lift heavier weights and I just felt so much better working out than previously. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from March. What are your favourites from March 2022? 

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