These Pumas get neglected far too often, it is time to change that...

Don't get me wrong I love these Puma's I picked up in the sale a while back now but one thing I didn't really consider when buying them was if they would go with the rest of my wardrobe. Thanks to them not been as easy to style due to the pink on the sneaker I have struggled to style them and therefore I haven't managed to wear them as often as I would like which is a bit of a plus as they have stayed in fantastic condition. 

This year though I wanted to make it my aim to wear them a whole lot more and I have started to think of these sneakers when it has come to picking out new items of clothing. Like when I first saw this hoodie I initially thought nah I will pass on that as it wont go with anything I own but then these Puma's came to mind and I purchased it straight away. 

The sneakers are white with black and a fair bit of pink on them so I knew all along I wanted a pink top to style these with and the Louis Tomlinson merchandise hoodie ticks all the boxes. It is a bit of a lighter pink than is on the sneakers but it still works really well and just adds to the overall style I am going for especially when teamed up with some black skinny jeans or even my cargo pants. 

I was a bit cautious on how this hoodie was actually going to fit me however, as soon as I put it on I was in love with the fit as it is over sized but not too over sized like some products can be. In terms on body length it sits perfectly, the hood buries me but then again I have this issue with every hoodie I own so that doesn't matter too much. The sleeve length is where I usually struggle the most thanks to my stupidly short arms however, I am actually really impressed with how this fits in the sleeves as they stop at the wrist rather than continuing way down past my hand. I guess it isn't too bad saying I only paid £3 for it. 

I love how this hoodie looks plain and simple on the front with a small print central on the chest and then just has a small X on the sleeve, it is the back that does all the talking on this as it is has a bold smily face with its tongue stuck out taking up the majority of the back of the hoodie. I will be honest this is what initially sold me on the hoodie as I think it looks brilliant however, in the end the hoodie as a whole has just continued to be a winner and I know it is soon going to be one of my most worn items. 

I am really looking forward to wearing these sneakers a lot more this year and I think that with a few nicer lighter coloured t-shirts and some nice shorts I could really get my wear out of them in the summer months but for now I am just looking forward to styling them for spring and getting plenty of wear out of this hoodie too as I love it. 

How would you style these sneakers? 

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