The hoodies I am absolutely loving at the moment

For as long as I can remember one of my wardrobe staple pieces has been a hoodie. I own far too many of them and to be honest I can't see myself stopping buying them any time soon. Each hoodie I own adds something different to my outfits and I love layering up with them or having them as a focus piece especially in the warmer weather. I am happy to wear hoodies all year round so I own different thickness ones and different colours to suit each season, often my hardest decision whilst getting ready is what hoodie will suit this look the best and does the fit of the hoodie still look acceptable. Recently looking through all the hoodies I own it got me thinking which would make it onto a favourites list due to being worn the most & fit my style the best. So here are the hoodies that made the cut after quite a lot of debating... 

First up we have this Champion hoodie that I absolutely love and have done for all the years I have owned it. This was originally a risky purchase as the colour isn't one I would have usually picked however, I am so glad I picked it up as the blue is the perfect for more than half of the other items in my wardrobe. The blue is definitely a bold choice for me and honestly this kicked off me adding more colour into other aspects of my wardrobe too which I am grateful for as the change has been great. This is still going strong a few years down the line and hasn't lost its shape or colour yet which is a big bonus. 

Next up we have one of my favourite hoodies from Primark, this grey hoodies is nice and simple whilst also looking great whilst being layered up. Thanks to the small central positioning of the Space Jam logo on this hoodie when it is layered with an open jacket you can still see the detail of the hoodie and nothing is hiding like with some of the other hoodies I own. The very little colour on this hoodie also means it goes with nearly everything in my wardrobe and I can honestly say that this could be one of my most worn throughout spring especially with my denim jackets as I think the combination could end up looking really good. 

Now this is definitely in the top 2 favourites from this post as it is Chicago Bulls and cost a fraction of the price of some of the other Bulls hoodies I had previously seen online. I am absolutely in love with this hoodie and the colour of it as the red fits in with a lot more of my wardrobe than I expected and to be honest I just feel like it suits me a bit more than other colours I have experimented with. The print on this is definitely a bold one and again I love the fact it is central as it makes it perfect for layering. The hoodie definitely works well with my street style looks and I think in the summer this is going to be worn a fair bit especially for those more casual and lounging summer days where it is a bit cooler.

 Finally we have the hoodie of dreams and one I am so glad I managed to pick up. This WNBA Nike hoodie is absolutely perfect with its over sized fit and central logo but what I love the most is the bright orange colour of it. This hoodies stands out for all the right reasons and I absolutely love how it makes the outfit it is paired with pop. You are going to be seeing a whole lot more of this hoodie in the future because I am finding myself reaching for it a lot, teamed up with some Jordan's or Air Force & cargo pants it just creates a fantastic outfit. This hoodie is a bit thicker than other I own too and it definitely keeps me nice and warm but it wont just be saved for cold weather, it will be used for the warm weather too as it is so good. 

I might be losing weight at the moment but these hoodies are ones I am always going to keep hold of as they are my absolute favourites and even over sized they should look pretty good. I really do need to try stop buying hoodies but there are currently 4 new ones that I would like to add to my wardrobe in the near future so I don't think I will be stopping anytime soon. You are definitely going to be seeing a lot more of these hoodies on the blog and social media in the near future though as I don't think I will stop wearing them any time soon. 

Which would be your favourite hoodie from in this post? 

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