How improving my fitness & working out is helping me with my mental health


I will be completely honest here when people used to say that they worked out and it helped them with their mental health I never used to believe it, I just couldn't understand how the two would even work together but then again I wasn't working out so I couldn't see for myself. The last thing I could think of was dragging myself out of bed when my head was screaming at me just to go lift weights or run for an hour however, now I am working out for myself I am realising just how much sense those people were actually talking. 

When I get up and work out first thing in the morning my mood is instantly lifted and I feel so much more energized throughout the day. Before I was working out I would literally roll out of bed, get ready for work and head out the door but now when I get up I work out and everything just feels better through the day and those days are a lot more productive than others. Even on a night if I work out I sleep better and feel more refreshed and calmer than if I didn't. I have realised that different workouts have different effects on my mental health and whilst they are all good benefits it is definitely interesting to see how the effects are different based on what I do. So here are the workouts I do and the effects they have for me personally ...


Funnily enough this is the newest form of workout with me only doing this for around a year but I think it is one that has given me the most benefits so far. Each session pushes me to my limits and I feel so good for it once the session is done and I count down the days to my next session. I come out of these sessions soaked in sweat as I push myself to limits I didn't even know I had and alongside learning punch combos I am also doing the fitness side of  things with half an hour of the session basically being HIIT training with various workouts that really get the heart rate going. I think hitting the pads and punch bag definitely helps when it comes to the mental health side of things too as when I have had a hard or bad day I have noticed my punches increase in power, it is a good way of getting frustration out and I am loving it that much I have a punch bag at home now too. 

Lifting Weights

Up until this year I didn't really lift any weights, I didn't see why I needed to if I wanted to lose weight. However, since working with my online coach Emma I have been using weights a whole lot more and I now really look forward to doing the weight sessions on my plan. Just like with the boxing I especially like these sessions after a long hard day as I don't know but lifting weights just makes me feel so much better plus after these sessions my sleep is much better. I have found that if I do these sessions in a morning though I am fired up and ready to hit the ground running for the day. I am so glad that I have found a love for lifting weights as it is just so beneficial all round. 


 I have really missed playing football but getting back to playing 5 a side has been so beneficial for me even though I haven't managed to go as many times as I would have liked yet. I have always felt free and at my best with a football at my feet so being able to do this after spending so long injured and unable to play is fantastic. It is definitely doing me the world of good being back playing and I can't wait to start increasing the number of sessions I go to. I am even planning on getting the side garden sorted out at long last so I can have my own football training area in the garden as kicking that ball just feels amazing. 


For so long I used to tell people the worst word they could say to me beginning with W was walk, I absolutely hated it and would do anything to get out of walking even the shortest of distances it was that bad. However, during the pandemic me and Liam started going on quite a few longer local walks then I started going with my mum and surprisingly I started to enjoy walking. Now I walk to and from work as often as possible as I find putting my earphones in and just walking to be brilliant. We also try to get out once a week for a nice long walk that we are hopefully going to be increasing the frequency of as the weather gets better. Just being out in the fresh air is brilliant and refreshing and I can't believe it has taken me so long to get out and enjoy this. My favourite walks are definitely on family trips to the seaside though as being by the sea or any water is one of my favourite places surprisingly as it just helps me clear my mind and relax.

I am really enjoying not only the physical effects I am getting from working out but all the mental effects too as this is helping so much in my life day to day and I know these benefits are going to last a life time if I keep up on the working out. I never realised how much seeing myself change physically would also effect my mental health as my confidence is growing daily these days which is a very nice touch and I am slowly drowning out those negative thoughts I get when I look in the mirror, yes they are still there but one day they might be gone thanks to working out. I try to do some form of workout each day and I am definitely benefiting from this, long may it continue, even on those days I don't fancy working out once I have done it I feel so much better. 

Have you noticed that working out helps your mental health?  

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