How I Currently Like To Style The Nike Air 200's

Remember when I picked up these Nike Air 200's for a bargain price for a while back... well I still absolutely love them and they are still super comfortable I just don't wear them half as much as I should do thanks to me opting daily for my trusty Air Force 1's. I am really trying my best though to rotate my sneakers and this is one pair I am really looking forward to wearing a whole lot more as my wardrobe and style starts to resemble exactly what I have envisioned for a while now. These sneakers due to the colours and silhouette are going to work really well with a lot of new items I have brought in or am planning on bringing in but honestly they go with a lot of items I have already so I don't understand why I haven't worn them a lot more than I have, I guess I just don't want to get them ruined. I have played around with them a bit recently though and here are the outfits I have managed to piece together than I actually really like... 

I have mentioned this t-shirt a fair few times on here now and I am sorry but I just can't get enough of it. The quality of the t-shirt is perfect and the overall fit is exactly what I was looking for thanks to it being over sized. The sleeves are also on the bigger side too so they don't create any restrictions when it comes to moving my arms around. This t-shirt is going to be great for all seasons and even with the bold print I still think it works really well with the Nike 200's. I teamed the t-shirt and sneakers up with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and I have the perfect look that I am aiming for. These jeans are ripped across the knee and to this day are still one of my favourite pairs of jeans. 

The second outfit is very similar with the Nike 200's and the ripped at the knee black jeans however, this time we have this No Fear x H&M t-shirt. Who else remembers No Fear? I used to wear their clothing all the time growing up and had a few No Fear skateboards too so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this collaboration was a real thing, I stuck to just the two pieces from the collection though. I feel in love with how simple this t-shirt looked from the front with just the logo on and the No Fear writing then I turned it around and saw the quote on the back and loved it even more. I am so glad I got this as I think the colours work really well with the sneakers and again it fits really well even with it being 2 sizes down from my usual and the quality is fantastic as it is a bit thicker than the other t-shirts I own. 

I am definitely going to start wearing these sneakers a whole lot more this year and I will be honest I think I am going to end up wearing them a lot more as the weather starts to warm up as I think they will go great with some shorts and nice t-shirts so you might end up seeing another styling post based on these but who knows. I am so glad I picked these sneakers up and I am really looking forward to getting more wear out of them. 

How would you style these sneakers?


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