Trying to get more wear out of my watches

I have loved wearing watches for so long and after clearing out the watches I owned a few years back I have been left with 8 great watches plus my Apple Watch. A watch is something I wear daily and I have tried to do this for the past few years however, thanks to my currently being on my fitness journey I have stuck to wearing my Apple watch rather than any of my smarter looking watches even if I go out I seem to stick to wearing my Apple Watch, just so I keep an eye on my steps for the day and other aspects that can help my fitness journey. 

I am determined though that in 2022 I am going to change this and finally get back to wearing some of the other watches I own rather than them just been sat in my jewellery box like they have been lately. I can't believe I have neglected these watches for so long as prior to getting my Apple Watch I was constantly switching between them and now they are just sat there needing new batteries which when I think about it is just a waste of money especially with my Michael Kors watch which I once would never take off. 

The amount of money I have personal spent on watches in the past has never been high but I have always considered my style and outfits when purchasing them so they never looked out of place as I really do believe that a watch or even a good accessory can really make an outfit that bit better however, if it doesn't fit the tone it can look awful at times. The more I look at all my watches on display the more I am tempted to add some more expensive pieces to the collection and ones that fit the style I am going for more these days. Yes the Apple watch is great and very convenient as I don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket every two minutes but at the same time sometimes I just want to wear something that doesn't look so sporty and makes my outfit a bit smarter. Although I am planning on getting a few new bands for the Apple watch to try make it look that little bit smarter and just to change up what I have on my wrist rather than the same boring black band daily.

I think if I do get wearing these watches a bit more it is finally going to be time to get saving for my dream watch whilst picking up a few new ones in between to suit all occasions. I just need to get into the habit of wearing these rather than the smart watch all the time. 

Do you wear a smart watch or a regular watch? 

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