Trying To Meal Plan & Meal Prep To Improve On Various Aspects Of My Life

 One of my biggest downfalls on my whole journey so far has been the food & nutrition side. This is mainly due to being lazy and seriously under prepared, instead of getting some healthy food in and making the meals with what we have in the fridge we will just say ah forget it and get a takeaway or go out for something to eat which throws my journey off track. 

I am determined though that in 2022 this habit is changing and we are both going to try our best to really cutback on the takeaways and eat a much better diet not only to help along the weight loss journey but also to help us save a bit more money and cutback on food waste which has also been a big problem for us since we moved in together. Food waste is something that we have done for ages and it is something we need to get out of doing as it is ridiculous us buying food just to let it go out of date due to being so lazy, it wastes us far too much money each week and that is money that doesn't need to be wasted it could very easily be put towards things like jobs in the house which really need to get done. There are two ways that we are trying to get on top of all this and finally eat a whole lot better and save some money. Those ways are... 

Meal Planning 

This is something we really want to stick to as when we have done it in the past we have done really well and actually ate everything we picked up from the supermarket and I ended up losing weight on those weeks. This is something I am aiming to get back on track with and do as many weeks as possible this year. I have found that by meal prepping we stuck to what we ate and our food shop price was considerably less than usual as we knew just what we needed and stuck to that list rather than buying a lot of unnecessary purchases. I found meal planning so much easier when it came to working out what we were having each evening too as it was written down and there was no arguing about who was cooking or what we was having as it had already decided and we were prepared for the evening. It also saved me at lunch time too as I wasn't spending 30 minutes down in Tesco trying to decide what I wanted each day, I could just go to the fridge and pull out what ever was on the list for that day. Meal planning is definitely going to be beneficial for me and I can't wait until we get doing this properly as I think it is going to make life so much easier. 

Meal Prepping

Just like with meal planning I think that meal prepping is going to be a benefit for not only me but Liam too. By prepping my meals in advance I am more likely to stick to my meals each day again meaning much less waste in the long run and more money saved as I wont be going to Tesco every lunch time like I have previously. Even if I spend a few hours every Sunday just bulk making my breakfast and lunches it is going to be so much better in the long and is going to help me start the week the right way. I am actually really looking forward to getting into meal prepping as I think it is going to be fun trying different things for my meals rather than just sticking to the same meal deal every day. 

I am really hoping that by meal planning and meal prepping both me and Liam can eat a much healthier diet as we definitely need to make changes in this aspect of our life. Let's hope it saves us some money in the long run too as it was our aim to save a lot more money this year but with the price hikes on everything in life at the moment we are realising more than ever that we are going to need to save more than we expected to get things done that we want especially when it comes to big jobs in the house. 

Have you tried meal planning and meal prepping before? If so how did you find it? 

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