The jobs I want to get done in the house this year and in the near future...


It is safe to say there is a big reason we are planning on saving a whole lot of money this year... we want to get as much work done in and around the house as we can so that we can finally get towards a stage where we are happy with each room just like we have been with the games room since we got that done. As I have said in the past when we first moved in we rushed to get things done so the house was more to our taste but time changes and as we have been in the house for 4 years now I think it is time to make a start on going round all the rooms in the house and tidying up the outside. It definitely isn't going to be an easy task but here is what we would love to get done this year...


Since getting the games room done we have fallen totally in love with the room so it would be great to fall in love with all the other rooms in the house just like we have with the games room. We have said we are going to be starting at the top and working our way down so first up I would love to get our bedroom plastered and painted along with sorting out some new furniture for the room and getting our build in wardrobe looking a lot nicer and so we can store our clothing much better than it currently is. Getting the wardrobe done will probably be the most expensive part of this room but it will be worth it in the end. 

Once the bedroom is done our attention will be on the spare room which acts as a dressing room & office for me. Again this will be getting plastered and painted, probably to match the games room and I can't wait for this space to be done. I think it will literally just be getting plastered and painted and tidied up as everything in this room works well so this will probably be the cheapest room for us to do. 

Finally for the upstairs it would be great if we could get the hallway done as this has been on the list for a while as other work has damaged it a bit. We already know this is going to be a costly job as it involves upstairs, the staircase and the downstairs are plus we want to add some shelving and cupboards to the area so this is definitely going to be a job we really have to save for. This is also going to require new flooring so fingers crossed we can save enough to get this done even if it is towards the middle or end of the year as I think this is going to totally transform the space and entrance to the house.  


For me especially one of the main priorities outdoors is getting the garage sorted out as it is just an eye sore at the moment with a door hanging off and filled with junk. I am hoping we can get this cleared out and converted into a home gym to help me with my fitness journey. This is definitely not going to be cheap but once it is done it will be worth every penny. This is definitely going to be a fun project to watch take shape and I really can't wait for the change to happen. 

The front garden is a job for me and Liam which really shouldn't take up too much time or money and it should keep us occupied on cooler days rather than going shopping. The front garden is an overgrown mess at the moment so I would love to just tidy it up a bit and put a border in so we can add a bit of colour to the front of the house. Alongside the front garden it would be great if we could get the side tidied up too and cleared out so it can be a space for us to play with our nephew and for me to do some outdoor workouts, again this should be a very cheap job that we are more than capable of doing ourselves. 

So that is what we are hoping to do this year so fingers crossed we can get a big chunk of those jobs done and out of the way so that the future can be spent sorting out those bigger jobs and other areas rather than us having a big chunk of things to do that look overwhelming. In the future we would love to get a new kitchen and redecorate all downstairs so that isn't going to be cheap so if we can get the upstairs done this year then we can focus on the downstairs possibly in 2023. Plus we also want to get all the side of the house and driveway done which is going to be far too much money so maybe whilst doing other bits we can be saving and learning how to possibly do things ourselves to lower the costs of the jobs outdoors. I would also love to get new gates or get the current ones fixed up and painted and the stupid bushes replaced as I think it will just make the front of house look so much nicer but again why are jobs like this just so expensive? I knew owning our home was never going to be cheap but I didn't expect some jobs to cost so much. 

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