The Cooking Items I Would Love To Add To Our Kitchen

One of my goals for 2022 was to cook a lot more so that I wasn't always relying on poor Liam cooking for us like previous, it was also a goal to bake more and my sister and nephew did me a baking hamper for Christmas which I have used a few times already but would love to use a lot more than I have been doing. Being in the kitchen a bit more though has opened my eyes to items we have missing or items that could really do with an upgrade as we have had them since we have moved in and they are starting to look a little worse for wear, there are also a few items I would just love to add as I think they would look great or would come in quite handy especially as I am a pretty messy cook. So here are the items for the kitchen that I am hoping to purchase in the very near future... 

Spoon rest

This is an item I have had my eye on for a while as I am such a messy cook and I never seem to put the spoon in the same spot each time so the worktop ends up in a right mess. I am hoping that by getting a spoon rest I can limit that mess and keep the spoon in the same spot each time. Plus it might stop me from knocking it on the floor all the time too which seems to happen far too often. 

New knives 

We have had the same knives since we moved in and honestly they are mainly cheap ones so I would love to invest in some good quality knives that will cut through what it is needed for easily without dragging. I think a nice set could be a bit of a treat for both me and Liam so who knows these might be one of the first things we buy off this list. 

Knife Sharpener

One of the issues with our current knives is that they have gone blunt very quickly so I think if we invest in some better knives I also want to pick up a knife sharpener so that the new knives have a longer life span and stay a lot sharper for a lot longer. I know you can get these cheap but if we are spending a fair bit on knives I want to make sure we get a sharpener that won't ruin them. 

Casserole dish

Me and Liam have spoke a fair few times of making a nice casserole on a cold day however, we still don't have a casserole dish. I don't know why we never got one when we first moved in but looking at them now they all seem so expensive. We are definitely on the hunt for a good quality one at a reasonable price though so we can finally start making what we have wanted for so long. 

New Pans

We have had a few different sets of pans now but we seem to ruin them so quickly and the handles end up coming off them, which I think is just down to us not looking after them properly. I definitely want to invest in some new pans this year though that are actually non- stick and are good quality & strong. I have already got my eye on a few sets but again why can pans be so expensive? 

Serving board

We are trying to get back into the routine of eating at the dining table which is something we haven't done for a while now. I would love to have a serving board which could be put out for meals such as fajita nights or taco nights just so we could have everything set out nicely and make our own rather than us trying to make them all whilst struggling for space in the kitchen. If we ever had guests over I think this could be a good idea too just so everything looks nice on the table and doesn't actually mark the surface.


Finally we have an apron, this is a big one that I definitely need to get soon because as I said earlier I am a messy cook and I am sick of staining clothing due to this. A lot of things I cook involve sauce which I usually end up wearing the most of so it would be nice if I could have an apron to throw on and provide my clothing with a bit more protection. 

So there you go those are a few items that I would love to buy in the near future to help us out when it comes to cooking and I think each item in this post could come in very handy. We are currently saving to do jobs around the house and one of those jobs is eventually going to be replacing the kitchen so I can't wait to get that done and have a kitchen which I love being in rather than one I try to avoid. 

Can you recommend any of these items? Or where to look for the best ones?  

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