What I Wore To Go See Stormzy

 Ah going to concerts, something I have always loved to do however, one issue I have always had when it comes to going to concerts is what to wear. For some reason I just haven't ever been able to decide on what to wear and right up to the moment of leaving for the concert I will still be debating if I am wearing the right thing or not. This was no different for my recent trip to see Stormzy at long last. 

You would think after having 2 years to prepare I would have had some idea but nope not a clue right up until an hour before leaving to go see him live. In fact I was risking it quite a bit with picking this outfit as the cargo's I had purchased in hopes of wearing didn't fit two weeks before the concert so there was a lot of hope riding on me fitting into these on the actual day. I tried to be prepared and as I knew I was going to be getting ready at my sisters I actually took 3 outfit options just in case as she always gives me an honest answer with how I look but there was one clear winner on the day which was the outfit I was hoping to go in all along. 

First up we have this BoohooMan t-shirt with cars on it which I picked up for the bargain price of £3 thanks to the nephew spotting it and telling me I needed it who was I to argue. This t-shirt is definitely on the oversized side of things which was a big selling point for me and it gives me the perfect fit and is really comfortable plus the print on it is brilliant and certainly catches your eye. As I didn't know how cold it was going to be in the venue or if we had to queue outside I threw on my H&M checked shirt in the black & white colour way which has actually become my favourite colour way of this shirt due to how simple it is and how well it fits me, I think it looks pretty good with this t-shirt too. 

On the bottom the cargo pants I bought a few weeks prior in the aim to go to the concert in actually fit so I was glad I got to wear those rather than just a pair of jeans. The fit of these cargo's is perfect for me and for just £15 they are definitely a bargain from Primark, I will certainly be going back to try find them in different colours now that I know how much I like them. On feet I ended up opting for my Jordan 11's which has slowly become my favourite pair of sneakers, I just hope that I can keep them in good condition so they last me a while as I have a lot of outfits in mind for them, I just can't believe that they only cost me £30 they could easily be my bargain of the year already. 

So there you go that is what I wore when I finally got to go see Stormzy, the concert itself was definitely worth the wait and I am just so glad that the outfit came together in the end too. 

Do you struggle to find outfits to wear for concerts? 

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