Can I Convince Liam To Go Running With Me?


If I throw it back to the early stages of mine and Liam's relationship things were really different and to be honest we were so much healthier than we currently are especially for me things have changed so much since then and honestly I wish I could go back to those days and how much fitter I was. 

Back then I was at college studying sports science so as you can imagine there was a lot of practical work involved and I was in the gym nearly everyday either as part of college work or just after college. I was also on the college football team so I was training most days with a mid week game thrown into the mix. One of my favourite things though was the evening runs me and Liam would do, it was nothing too strenuous but it helped me keep in shape and it was good fun. That all stopped though when I dropped out of college as I got an apprenticeship and any free time I had was gone alongside the football and gym nothing got done other than work and sleeping. Since then my weight has just increased and my fitness levels have massively dropped. Throw into the mix a really bad knee and nothing happened and everything changed. 

With this fitness journey I am on now though I am wanting to get back to my old ways alongside throwing some new things into the mix. I have my weekly boxing session which I am loving as it is so different to anything I have done before then I am planning on knuckling down and going to 5 a side football once a week but that will be in a few months when a few other things have cleared up and I can really commit to it. I also try do 3 home workouts a week so my weeks are pretty full when it comes to staying active just like they used to be and I absolutely love it being back that way but I just can't help but feel something is missing... 

Liam doesn't do any of the workouts with me, sometimes he will watch and have a laugh when I am trying to do certain exercises but I would love to get him more involved in this journey as I know it would really benefit him too. He can't come boxing or to the football as they are female only sessions however, he could do the home workouts with me but honestly I can't see him doing them as he does enough weight lifting at work when he is having to move boilers etc around. One way I could really get him involved though is if I could convince him to go for a run with me a few times a week. 

I have wanted to start running properly again for a while as I know it is going to help my fitness levels out massively and also aid my weight loss but I know I won't go on my own so if I could just convince Liam to join me that would be great as I know he loved it before and who knows he might end up loving it once more. I might even treat him to some running gear just to encourage him to join me that little bit more but then again he can be picky with clothing so it might be best to leave him to pick that side of things. 

We don't actually do much just the two of us any more so a few hours just running around together could be just what we need and if it is half as fun as it was before I know it is something we could bother really end up sticking to. I have bought myself some running shoes and some warmer clothing to move along the process of getting started so lets hope I can get him motivated to head out on a few smaller runs to start with to get back into the swing of things and see how it goes from there. 

I am actually really looking forward to getting out running in the fresh air and adding something a bit different into my routine to keep things fresh and hopefully keep me motivated to keep progressing on this health and fitness journey I am on. 

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