How I Am Wearing My Latest MyProtein Clothing Pickups

If you have read the blog for a while now you will now when it comes to active wear I tend to like sticking with my favourite well known brands such as Nike, Adidas and Gymshark. In 2020 though whilst smashing my home workouts I started ordering some supplements from MyProtein and soon enough I was buy actual workout clothing from the site. Thanks to influencer codes that can get you a big discount all the clothing is pretty reasonably priced and I have definitely treated myself to a fair few items from the site since discovering just how good value these items are. 

My most recent order featured items I was in desperate need of due to me currently being a size smaller than previously and I will be honest I was a little bit nervous ordering pieces in a large as I didn't know if I would even get in them let alone be comfortable in them. The clothing definitely surprised me though and yes the items cling to everything at the moment but I don't plan on them being like that for long, for the price of each item if they don't fit in a few months time I won't mind having to replace them. With the items I picked up this time around I have managed to piece together 3 different outfits with the pieces I picked up with each being a little different depending on what workout I am doing, so here are the 3 outfits... 

First up we have the outfit that I think is going to come in really handy over the summer and the one I am probably looking forward to wearing the most. This outfit will be worn for most of my workouts whether it is cardio or weights as I love how it looks and it is actually really comfortable. The shorts were a bit of an impulse buy and I will be honest they are a bit shorter than I would usually wear as I would usually have them at knee length however, I actually do think I prefer these been a bit shorter and I want to stop hiding my legs so much so these have ended up being a really good purchase, I just need to get used to the shortness. I have teamed this up with what I thought was a plain black t-shirt however, it actually has like a hidden camo print on the design which is only noticeable close up and I really like it. I love how this fits too and the lightweight material is perfect for those warmer workouts. The length of the t-shirt is perfect too as it doesn't hang too low and doesn't ride up whilst working out. 

For this outfit I throw on one of my favourite things ever at the moment... a 1/4 zip top. I think I have gained a bit of an unhealthy obsession for these lately as every order I have made in terms of clothes for working out in a 1/4 zip top has been purchased. This one is a bit different to the others I have though as it is a lot softer and is much more comfortable. If I am completely honest with you I don't think I will actually be wearing this for working out in as it feels too nice to do that in. Instead I am thinking of keeping this for lounging around in or going for a super casual look in as this is what it seems perfect for. Not only is the material so soft on this but surprisingly the sleeves are actually a great length for my little arms too. I think this could be a most worn item in the spring time. 

 Finally I was in desperate need of some new tracksuit bottoms for both working out in and lounging around in. I didn't want another black pair so I settled on these grey ones with the big MP on the side and I am pleasantly surprised with how much I like them. The material is really stretchy and is really comfortable. Yes they are a bit tight at the moment but they don't restrict my movement at all and the colour just works really well with my t-shirt from the earlier image too. I have seen a few more pieces on the MyProtein website in this colourway and I think I might need to try those out too. The only issue I have with these is they are a little on the long side so I have to have them bunch up at the bottom which isn't too much of an issue but does ruin the fit a little bit. 

So there you go that is how I am styling my latest MyProtein pickups, I would definitely recommend checking their clothing out for yourself as I think you would be surprised with just how good some of the items are especially with the price you pay for them. I am really glad I started using MyProtein and I can't wait to place my next order when I need to restock the active wear draw due to more weight loss. 

Have you tried MyProtein clothing before? 

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