The Sneakers I Plan On Wearing All through Spring

With me trying my best to rotate my sneakers more these days I actually look forward to the change in season so that I can play about with sneakers that might not have been suitable in the previous season so got pushed to one side due to either their colours or the materials they are made from. It is safe to say this spring I am going to be spoilt for choice with the footwear I own already and with the new purchases I have in mind. I am going to try and mix up colours this spring and try to match with my outfits more but more importantly I just want to wear different sneakers daily, not just the same pair that are beyond beaten now. So here are the sneakers I will be wearing throughout the spring season... 

I will be honest I just got these Nike 200's as they were very cheap but honestly I love them and they are really comfortable, I just don't want to ruin them so I barely wear them these days. That is definitely going to change this spring though as I am determined to wear them much more and I have so many options that I can style them with which is even better. I am just hoping I can keep them in good condition though as I would love to wear these a fair few times in summer too. 

I have had these Puma Suede in the collection for so many years now and I love wearing them but I just haven't really been able to find the best way to style them with what I own yet. That is about to change though as I think I have a few outfits in mind already. I also have these in red but honestly lately I prefer the blue pair and they still look really clean which makes them much nicer than some of the pairs I wear way too often. 

Another bargain purchase was these NMD's that are so comfortable and I really should wear more often. I don't really have an excuse not to wear them either as thanks to them being black and red they work well with 99% of my wardrobe (there is seriously a theme in that wardrobe these days).  I keep putting off wearing these in case the weather destroys them but I am over that now and I am going to be wearing them as much as possible not only for spring but also the rest of the year. 

Ah here we go the old faithful sneakers and the ones I have worn until they are literally falling apart, I really do need to invest in a new pair this year. You really can't beat a pair of all white sneakers and the Nike Air Force 1's really do tick all the boxes. They are comfortable and look great dressed up or down as I have found out the past few years of owning a pair. These are my go to all year round but I definitely need to stop wearing them as much as I do and actually wear some different sneakers from time to time. 

I actually went off Converse for a while as I just didn't feel like they suited my style but recently I have fallen back in love with them and I think it is because I actually got a nice simple, classic pair from my parents for my birthday rather than a bright coloured pair like I always used to buy. I am really looking forward to styling these throughout spring and I already have plenty of outfits in mind. Do I pick up a white pair too though? 

Just like with the Converse I also went off Vans for a while and I think it was for the same reason, I would always get coloured or patterned ones and they wouldn't go with any of my outfits but now I have my Old Skools I am actually starting to really enjoy wearing them once more. These go with almost everything in my wardrobe and I can honestly see me getting a lot of wear out of them throughout spring and also for the rest of the year, add a coating of Crep Protect and you are good for any weather. 

These Lebron Witness sneakers are a very new purchase but I will be honest when I bought them I had spring in mind. Yes these are definitely sneakers more for the gym or playing sports but honestly I am just going to be happy wearing them on a day to day basis due to the style and comfort of them. These are going to be perfect for the more casual/ lounging outfits I have in mind especially with those sporty items I have in my wardrobe. 

I am really looking forward to rotating through these sneakers during the spring season and I can't wait to spend some time creating some great looking outfits with them all. I think it is safe to say I am going to have a lot of fun getting ready on a morning and matching things up to make some great outfits so keep an eye on Instagram to see those posts throughout the spring season. It is time to move away from the same sneakers all the time and get through some of the seriously neglected pairs at long last. 

What sneakers will you be wearing throughout spring? 

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