The Rum I Would Love To Purchase

The past few months when out celebrating the festive period and the new year I noticed I was ordering one drink more than others... a rum & coke, not only did sticking to one type of drink stop any hangovers the next day it also allowed me to taste a variety of spiced rums that I hadn't previously tried. It was great to step away from the safe rums and experiment with names I had never heard of and to be honest all it made me do was think of rum that we could add to our alcohol cabinet so that I wasn't just sticking to the Captain Morgan rum. So after a fair bit of searching here are the different rums I would love to purchase...

I keep on seeing Bumbu rum and I keep saying to myself that I am going to pick a bottle up however, I still haven't got around to it although I think this is finally going to be purchased at long last this year. I specifically want this Bumbu XO rum though as the bottle looks great and would look so good out on display. 

I keep on saying that I am going to try some Havana Club rum but have still not got around to it so I think I might pick up a bottle of the Havana Club of Skepta rum. I have always been a fan of Skepta and this bottle is a surprisingly reasonable price so it is the perfect excuse to finally give it a try. 

Kraken is one of go to rums when I am out and about and to be honest it is one of the first rums I tried. I absolutely love this drink and have a little bottle already however, as soon as I saw this limited edition bottle plus cage I new I wanted to add that to the alcohol cabinet too. It is a really good price to say it is a limited edition bottle and honestly I just love the look of the bottle and the cage. 

I will be honest this rum made the list just because of the bottle it is in. The Plantation XO rum looks fantastic and I have read some good reviews about it so maybe it is time to pick up a bottle to try for myself. I think I want this for the bottle more than the rum but it is definitely going to be a near future purchase.

I absolutely love anything Pirate related so this bottle of rum is right up my street. This specific bottle of Pirates Grog rum is definitely on the more expensive side of things but it looks fantastic and the reviews I have read about the rum seem to look good too. Am I willing to spend a lot more than usual on a bottle though just down to the design? Of course I am as it looks like it was made for a Pirate. 

So there you go that is the rum I am hoping to add into our alcohol cabinet over the course of the next year or so, I am getting sick of drinking the same thing over and over again so it is time to change that and get some new additions into the rotation. 

What is your favourite rum? 

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