February 2022 New In

That whole idea of saving money in February didn't exactly go to plan as I went a bit overboard on a specific theme which you will see later on in this post. I definitely tried to reign in the spending towards the end of the month but again that didn't go to plan and I am a bit frustrated that I haven't got as much going into my savings as I would have hoped but at the same time I am loving everything I picked up... 

First up we have the item that kicked off the theme I got hooked on, Pokemon Legends : Arceus, as soon as I saw this game announced I knew I needed it. I ended up getting this on release day but haven't started playing it just yet as I am saving it for after my operation when it will be a welcomed distraction. 

My mum took my nephew to a soft play centre mid month and sent me a picture of the Pokemon soft toys they had in the garden centre she had to cut through. Of course I had to ask her to pickup a Scorbunny & Sobble and I am glad I did as they are brilliant. 

I think me finding about the Pokemon Center UK website might be a big mistake as I some how managed to convince Liam to make an order. I really wanted this Chimchar so I am really glad to add him to my ever growing Pokemon soft toy collection. Liam then got himself a Ditto and Cyndaquil however, I love these two that much he is said they are now to share. The worst part is I have seen so many others on the site I want to purchase. 

I have been considering picking up some new jewellery for a while now and in February I finally treated myself to a few bits from Rivr Jewellery. This jewellery fits my site perfectly and I managed to pick up the pieces on offer saving me a bit of money in the process. I ended up opting for a Nike ring, Jordan necklace and Dior bracelet, these are all dupes but are great quality and I can't wait to get wearing them.

I am trying my best to increase my water intake as that is where I am slacking on my weight loss journey, I don't drink anywhere near enough so I am hoping that purchasing this 2 litre water bottle is going to help me increase how much I drink daily. Fingers crossed it does as it will make it a very beneficial purchase for me. 

I ave added a lot more weight lifting into my workout routine now however, the barbell was really irritating me during some exercises so I picked up one of these pads to see if it will help me do the exercises without getting frustrated about the feel of the barbell. 

I made my first ever ASOS order in February and I have stepped out of my comfort zone a bit with the order as I actually bought pieces from the women's section for working out in. I have wanted some Nike Pro's for a while now and I absolutely love the colour of these one. These were a bargain and I can't wait to wear them. 

I have really gone out of my comfort zone with this purchase as it is a pair of very tight fitting shorts which are definitely on the short side. These were always going to be a pair for when I have lost more weight but I couldn't leave them there at that price. 

I also picked up a new vest top for when I have lost even more weight, this is something I am aiming to slim into for the summer and it is on the tight side so I am going to have to get a move on if I do want it to fit me in the warmer weather. 

Finally for the workout clothing we have these full length Nike Pro's, originally I wasn't going to bother with these but then I thought they would be much more practical in the colder weather plus I can always layer them up with a pair of shorts if I want. 

It turns out I can never have enough hats and I now have two more in my collection thanks to my auntie, these were £1 each and I can't wait to get wearing them as I know I will be able to get plenty of use out of them as they go with a lot of my wardrobe. The PlayStation one will go really well with my blue PlayStation sweatshirt and the Nets one will go with a lot of my plainer clothing thanks to it being black & white. 

I am trying my best to keep away from black skinny jeans these days, yes I still wear them every now and then but I want different options, I have found Sainsbury's are the best for jeans for me these days and I got these blue straight leg ones for just £9. I love the fit on these and they do give a bit of a vintage vibe so they will go well with a fair bit of my wardrobe and give my outfits a different style.

I absolutely love a pair of trousers with cuffed bottoms and my mum knows that so when she rung me asking if I wanted these greens ones as they were £8 I couldn't say no. They are a nice thick material and I think they will team up with some of the other items from my wardrobe. 

I bought this exact style of jeans a few month back and they instantly became one of my favourites as they just fit so nice and the black acid wash looks fantastic. When my mum told me they were on sale too I knew I had to get them and since they were the last pair and in my size I guess you could say it was meant to be. 

I haven't purchased a onesie in a long time but my auntie has treated me to a new Chicago Bulls one and I love it. This is nice and soft and fits nicely. It has come at the right time too as it is still really cold here in the UK and I am going to have some time at home very soon so I can see me basically living in this whilst playing my games. 

Me and Liam are planning on starting running soon so I wanted to make sure I was going into it prepared, with me having a bad knee in the first place I want to make sure I am wearing the correct footwear so I purchased a pair of Nike Pegasus 38's as I have had these recommended to me a lot. I tried them on and it was like walking on clouds so I definitely made the right choice with these.

Finally I got a pair of Jordan 11's at long last, I absolutely love this silhouette and they are really comfortable. The best part though is that they cost me just £33 from the outlet store as they are a kids size and luckily they fit just right. I absolutely love the colour of these too as they will be more practical than other sneakers I own. 

So there you go that is everything I purchased in February, let's hope that in March I can try reign in the spending and have more going into my savings like I wanted to in February. I definitely need to get saving for the things I am wanting to do however, I do have my eye on a few new pieces but who knows if I will pick them up or not. 

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