So If There Is No Football Or Shopping On A Weekend How Do I Actually Spend The Day?


As I am on a mission to save money in 2022 I am really cutting back the amount of times I go shopping throughout the year, this will hopefully mean that I can have some bigger better shopping trips with more money that I have managed to save which should make shopping a whole lot more enjoyable. For a while I would end up going shopping just to stop me from being sat in the house bored and I have realised that this is definitely a waste of time and money as I was buying things I really didn't need just for the sake of going home with something. However, now after spending more time at home thanks to the pandemic I have realised I really don't need to go out if there is no football as there is so much that I could be doing at home to fill the time whilst me not being sat around bored. So when I haven't got the football here is how I spend my days without leaving the house to go shopping... 


Of course I spend most of these types of days sat at my PC blogging away. I have been making the most of these days by just sitting down and blogging away which has actually been brilliant for me as I have actually managed to get so far ahead with my content. It feels so good to be ahead for a change rather than rushing a post the day before it was due which was what I used to do as I would rather head out than spend the day behind my PC like I do at work every weekday. With now having 3 blogs any extra time to work on them is fantastic and well needed. Let's hope I can keep this up throughout the year and keep well ahead. 


My love for gaming really returned towards the end of 2021 so I am definitely making the most of that this year by spending any free time glued to the PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch. I have so many games piling up that are just waiting to be played so rather than heading out I am planning on spending my days playing those games so I can finally start buying new ones again. I have enjoyed just sitting and gaming for hours on end lately and having the new games room has really helped me enjoy this time a lot more. I can't wait to get lost in some of the worlds of he games I have to play as I know I am going to get lost in them for hours. 

Binge Watching TV

This is a bit of a new one for me as I never really bothered with binge watching TV shows too much before, I would usually just jump in and out of them and get around to finishing the show a long time down the line. However, since Disney + came about I have taken to binge watching shows a whole lot more and I am happy to just lay on the sofa for hours and get lost in the show I am watching. I have actually turned down opportunities to go out just so I could watch Grey's Anatomy which has me absolutely hooked. I am really enjoying finally getting the chance to sit and just get lost in a show and I need to get picking my next one as I am nearly all caught up on Grey's Anatomy. 

Working Out

It is a miracle, rather than heading out shopping on an evening after work or early on a weekend I would much rather spend an hour or so working out instead and once I have done the workout I am too worn out to do anything else for a while. My health has become a big priority for the year so any extra chance to workout and get it much better is welcomed here now plus if I am at home I am more likely to eat better than if I went out where I would just end up eating fast food. 

So there you have it those are the things I do now to stop myself going out shopping every single free weekend that I have. I am proud of how it has been working out so far since I started doing this towards the end of 2021 and I am hoping I can continue these changes throughout 2022 and way into the future as it is about time I started building up those savings to get jobs around the house done at long last and so that I can treat myself to those more expensive items I have wanted for a while now. 

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