The Spare Room Office Is Nearly Complete

I realised a while back I wanted to make changes in the spare room to create a separate space for me to work on my  blogs and other projects in peace and free from distractions. Don't get me wrong I like sitting in the games room with Liam but I get distracted far too easily either chatting to him or thanks to me gravitating towards a game or something else in the games room, I just end up not getting done what I need to which in the end drives me mad as I know I am capable of doing so much more on the weekends and evenings which in the long run would leave me with much more free time to play those games I get distracted by. 

Before the spare room was just a bit of a dressing room but I knew we no longer needed the sofa bed in the room so I thought it would be a time to get rid of it and finally make the room into a new space for me to shut myself away in and just work on what I need to. I wanted to do this transformation and it has cost me less than £50 in total which has amazed me as I have picked up a fair few bits for the room. It is still partly a dressing room as you will see but all I really do is get ready in this room and hang my planned outfits or the items I need to shoot for the blog. So here is how the room is looking now...

First up I have kept my clothes rail by the window as it is fixed to the wall and I have to say this clothes rail makes getting ready on a morning so much easier as I can have all my outfits for the week planned out on here although currently it is holding all my most worn and favourite pieces. This rail also holds the items that I need to photograph for Instagram and the blog too so it is nice having all that in once place too which cuts down the time planning massively as I aren't running around searching for what I need. Under the rail I now have a lot of free space so I have added some of my most worn sneakers and my favourites sneakers again just so I can access them quickly and also keep the nicer pairs a bit safer than if they were just dumped downstairs with some of my other sneakers. 

In place I wanted a nice clean looking desk that fit the space well but didn't take up the whole wall. I wanted something that was quite wide too so I had plenty of free space to take images on rather than me using the floor like I have done since starting the blog. I just wanted something cheap and light to brighten up the space so I purchased a table top and 4 legs from Ikea for a total of £35 which I really do think is a bargain price and honestly it is the perfect size for what I require and it is nice and light in the room. There is also some space left towards the side of the desk where I am planning to add a nice box to store anything I need to photograph in just so it isn't lying around the room like it has previously. 

The desk itself is a great size in both length and width and I am determined to keep it as clutter free as possible, this is mainly so I don't have to move too much when it comes to needing the space to take pictures. So far on the top I only have my mug & coaster, camera and microphone as these will be some of the most used items plus they look great and fit the theme nicely. When it comes to working here I will just add my Macbook and a notebook & any accessories as and when I require them but I will definitely be making sure to clear these away once I am done with them. I am just so impressed with how simple it looks although  I am going to be adding a Gundam figure very soon and rearranging the stair head at the side of the desk just so there is a bit more personality added to the space.

In terms of the room it is almost complete but I am jut glad the most important part is done... the working space, there are a few bits to be added to the set up as I just mentioned plus I need a new chair for this space but for now I am happy I can have a space to shut myself away in and get plenty of content created. Now it is just a case of hanging my shirts and pictures then the room is complete for the time being. 

The end goal is to get this room plastered and painted just like we did the games room but now I have the desk in here everything else would be staying the same meaning another cheap makeover of the room. 

What do you use your spare room for? 

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