The Bottles Of Wine I Would Love To Try

It is safe to say that after finally trying a few different rose wines in 2021 my love for the drink has grown and I have bought quite a few bottles recently all at different price points and it has been great tasting different versions of the drink as I am really finding out what I like and what I aren't too keen on. There are still plenty of rose wines that I really want to try though that I have actually struggled to find in stores but I know if I do finally see them I will be making the purchase and hopefully I will really enjoy them. So here are the bottles of rose wine I am currently on the look out for as I would love to try them... 

I keep coming across this Mirval wine online but I can never seem to find it in store which is quite annoying. I have been told in the past that this is a nice bottle of wine so I want to finally give it a try for myself to see if it is or not. I have seen this on both the Tesco & Sainsbury's websites so fingers crossed I can find it in a local store soon. I believe this is around £16 a bottle which I am more than happy to pay for a bottle of rose these days. 

I have had the Palm Angel & Whispering Angel wines but I just haven't been able to find the Rock Angel one anywhere at the moment. The other ones were highly influenced by Instagram but I really want to try this third one to see how they all compare to each other. I am determined to find a bottle of this in time for the summer. 

The Belle Annee wine is another one that I saw a lot of on Instagram in 2021 and I am determined to get my hands on a bottle of it in 2022. This keeps going on offer in Tesco however, I just don't seem to be quick enough and the shelf has been cleared before I can get a bottle for myself. The next time I see a bottle though I will be making the purchase. 

 The Wandering Grace rose is another one that is absolutely all over my Instagram whether it is via an advert, someone enjoying a glass or the brand themselves posting an image. I don't really know much about this wine but I think with how often I have seen it promoted I want to give it a try to see what it is really like. Again it is another bottle at a reasonable price so maybe I should treat myself. 

I am really hoping that over the course of the year I can pick up some of these if not all of them as you can't beat a nice glass of wine after a long day of work. I really wish I could enjoy a nice red or white wine but for some reason I just can't agree on the taste of them so for now I will definitely stick to a glass of rose. Let's hope I can find some of these in time for the summer as I think they could be perfect summer treats. 

What is your favourite rose wine? 

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