The Drink Wish List Continues... This Time It Is Spirits

I think it's safe to say that I like a good drink but I tend to stay away from spirits and I think that is mainly due to me not having a right big collection of spirits other than rum or whisky. I used to love a good vodka orange but thanks to the collection lacking vodka for a long time I ended up staying away from them for a while. I am determined to add a few more vodkas into the collection over the next year or so and hopefully a few other new drinks for me to try so here is what I would love to add to our alcohol cabinet... 

We all know how much I love a quirky looking bottle of alcohol and for me this one ticks all the boxes. This Crystal Head John Alexander art series No 1 Vodka looks absolutely fantastic and it would be a good bottle to keep even after all the vodka had been drunk out of it. This is a bit of a pricey bottle of vodka but I think even the bottle makes it worth the price for me. 

This is another bottle of vodka that I first wanted for the bottle, but the more I look at it the more I want it due to the flavour. This is the Emperor Lychee vodka and it sounds fantastic. The bottle looks great but the Lychee will definitely be different to any other drinks I own. I think Liam could end up liking this one too. 

I have been looking at this Roberto Cavalli night edition vodka for the longest time and honestly I think it is finally time I finally made the purchase.  With me still wanting this after a few years I think it is safe to say it could be one of the first ones I purchase, I think it is quite reasonably priced too so it might need to be a bit of a treat to myself. 

I haven't ever heard of the Doghouse Distillery before but again I love the look of this Baller vodka from them. The picture on this bottle just looks brilliant and I think if I did get this it would end up right at the front of the alcohol cabinet. We really are missing a simple vodka in our collection at the moment so this could fill that hole.

I used to absolutely love having a Martini when I went out drinking and for years it would be my go to drink before I moved onto the craft beer and rum. I found back then that Martinis were far too easy for me to drink and I always had a bottle ready to be drunk, maybe now is the time to add another bottle into the collection ready for family gatherings. 

So there you have it those are the spirits I would love to add to our alcohol cabinet over the course of the year as it is about time I started to drink something other than rum, whisky or craft beer. 

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