The Wardrobe Essentials For The Summer Season

Summer has always been a hit and miss season for me as I love the change in weather but I find due to my size I am so uncomfortable in the weather and I really struggle to dress for it without getting myself worked up and down. However, the past year or so with my weight loss journey and I have noticed that due to an increase in confidence I have noticed that this summer is going a lot better and my wardrobe actually has clothing in it that is suitable for the warmer weather. Over the year I have been buying pieces that I know will be perfect for the warm weather and here are some of the items I think everyone should have to hand to ensure that all basis are covered for the warmer months...

On the bottom 

For so long I have stuck to wearing black jeans but now that has changed and if I am wearing jeans I prefer to go for a lighter wash of denim. They just look so much better than black ones in the summer months and don't tend to cling to me half as much. I think that they are much easier to style for the summer too as with them being light they go with a whole lot more lighter option tops. If you haven't already got a light pair of denim jeans for the summer I definitely recommend picking up a pair and styling them for yourself. 

Chinos are a piece of clothing I would wear all the time but I started to drift off of them. This year though my love for them has come back a whole lot more and I actually have multiple pairs now in a variety colours to go with various different tops in my wardrobe. These are just a great alternative to jeans for the summer as they lightweight & nice and comfortable for those warm summer days. I think a pair of chinos just gives a smarter look to your outfit than a pair of jeans as they can be dressed up or down depending on your chosen style. 

Sometimes you just can't go wrong with a nice pair of denim shorts in the summer if you get some in the correct fit as you really don't want them clung to you in the warm weather. I tend to go for a pair of knee length shorts that are a little on the baggier side as these make me feel so much more comfortable. There are plenty of options in regards to denim shorts too you can have ripped, knee length, girlfriend fit and so many more so there is something for everyone's style. There are plenty of colour options too but my recommendation for summer is definitely a lighter denim pair. 

Finally for the bottom we have jersey shorts. Now I never used to wear these out of the house however, lately I have managed to pick up some smarter nice fitting pairs so I will literally wear them anywhere now. For me these are just the ultimate comfort item as they are so comfortable and are actually really soft inside too. I was worried I would sweat too much in these they are a jersey material but surprisingly they make me feel a lot cooler than if I am wearing a denim pair. They are certainly perfect for lounging in the summer too due to their comfort level. 

 On the top 

You can't beat a plain t-shirt in the summer weather and there is a colour option out there to suit everyone's style. Sometimes I tend to wear a slim fit version however, in summer I normally go for regular fit so the t-shirt isn't clung too me plus the regular fit isn't too over sized so it still looks smart and doesn't look hung off me like some over sized fit ones do. I always make sure I have plenty of each colour options in my wardrobe at all times so I am fully stocked and always have an option to hand. 

I don't always stick to plain though and always make sure that I have a few printed t-shirts to hand at all times so that I can mix it up with a bold print if I prefer. For the summer with my printed shirts I certainly prefer to go for an over sized look. If the t-shirt is too tight when it is printed I have found that I tend to feel like the print is sticking to me so make sure if you are going to be wearing prints in the warm weather you are going to be comfortable. 

With my style changing and me adding more colour to my wardrobe I have noticed that I am really stepping out of my comfort zone and one of my favourite things for the warm weather are short sleeve shirts but I think opting for bold prints and colours help you great that perfect summer look with a nice pair of chinos or shorts. Short sleeved shirts are perfect for dressing smart but still being cool and summery and there seem to be plenty of options out there for smart and casual looking short sleeved shirts so there really is something for everyone. 

Denim shirts are something I love to wear all year round and to be honest it is rare there is a year go by where you wont see me in a denim shirt at multiple points. For me in summer it is all about a nice pair of chinos teamed up with a nice plain light denim shirt, short sleeved of course. I even think at points in the summer it is even acceptable to go for that double denim look. There are plenty of affordable quality denim shirts out there for everyone so just shop around and find one that suits your style. 

Carrying on the denim theme we have the denim jacket. It gets quite chilly on an evening here in the UK and to be honest most summer days can actually be quite chilly too especially in the part of the country I live in so it is always handy to have a jacket with me at all times even if I don't actually end up wearing it. For me in summer you can't go wrong with a nice light coloured denim jacket and again you can purchase these at a variety of price points so there is one out there for everyone. Also there are plenty of different styles of denim jackets, plain, washed, ripped and so many other options so there is something for everyone's style. I love this one I got from Primark and when it gets too big for me I will be replacing it like for like. 

Finally on top we have the forever essential in the UK... rain coat. With the weather being so unpredictable here in the UK I always aim to have a nice lightweight rain jacket to hand so that I don't end up looking like a drowned rat if I get caught in a downpour. I actually have a variety of options for all occasions so that I am always covered. I have sporty style ones and I have smarter looking ones just in case I need them. Just be careful though as it is safe to say not all jackets that look waterproof actually are as I have found out quite a few times. 


An absolutely essential for me throughout the summer months are no show socks. I usually only really wear sports socks for the majority of the year but when it comes to summer where I am mainly wearing shorts and cropped trousers or jeans I really don't want thick sports socks on show spoiling the look of my outfits so I always make sure I am stocked up on no show socks from Primark as they are reasonably priced and have a great grip to stop them falling down all the time. I try to make sure I have plenty of black, grey and white ones in at all times so that I can match them better to my outfit. 

I have always had a bit of an obsession with sunglasses and growing up I would own around 20-30 pairs at a time. But they were always cheap pairs that didn't really protect my eyes but now I am older I have started to understand how important it is for my to look after my eyes as much as I do with the rest of my body so I strongly recommend investing in a good quality pair of sunglasses. My go to pair are my prescription Ray Ban ones which I absolutely love as I can see clearly and I know that my eyes are getting the protection they need. Plus they go really well with the rest of my wardrobe as they are such a classic style. 

Just because it is summer it doesn't mean you have to forget about accessories. Adding accessories is something I am really enjoying doing at the moment especially when it comes to adding jewellery it is great. It is amazing how one small thing can change your outfit and with a plain t-shirt or a nice shirt a nice necklace can just change it up a bit and make it look a little nicer. My accessories for summer tend to be silver jewellery and baseball caps but there are plenty of other accessories for everyone's style so definitely have a shop around to see what works best for you. 

On Feet 

You can't go wrong with a pair of clean white sneakers and that is why I always make sure I have multiple pairs to hand especially for the summer. I like to make sure I have a pair suitable for any occasion I might need them for so I have my Air Force which are definitely more sporty and casual, some low all white sneakers for smarter occasions and then I have a couple of others that are more of a smart casual vibe. The fact that I have multiple pairs just means I am covered for anything and I have more chance of having other pairs stay cleaner for longer. I will tend to basically live in white sneakers these days. 

Sandals are a bit of a step out of my comfort zone as I absolutely hate feet but I have realised recently sometimes having a pair available to you can be really beneficial. I now make sure I have a pair of sandals at all times as they are great for just throwing on to go to the beach when I have been recently or simply just going out to the garden in. Maybe one day I will venture a bit further in them and wear them more often but for now they are definitely a garden and beach essential for the summer. 

Sometimes you just need to through on a pair of Vans or another pair of canvas sneakers such as Converse and in summer they can help create the perfect outfit combination. For me I tend to go for my Vans Old Skool or some Converse style sneakers I picked up from Primark but I will be getting some actual white Converse very soon I hope. I find that they just look a lot nicer for the summer and add a bit of a more summery feel rather than wearing leather sneakers all the time. I have noticed they look absolutely fantastic with a pair of chinos too. 

So there you have it those are the items I believe everyone should have in their wardrobes for the summer season. There are plenty of options out there to suit all style and it might just take a bit of experimentation to find what works for you and your style best but I would honestly say these are the key pieces that everyone needs. What is a summer essential you always need in your wardrobe? 

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