3 Summer Outfits I Will Be Wearing During The Warmer Weather

Summer is the time of year where I basically find any excuse to wear my shorts and it has been this way for a number of years. For some reason I just prefer wearing them and as soon as I get home from work or a day out I will throw on a pair of shorts and usually a football shirt as I just feel more comfortable in these when I am just in the house or garden. 

To be honest the fact I can wear shorts at any point without freezing in summer is actually why it is one of my favourite seasons, you can't go out in shorts without funny looks in winter but in summer even in the rain it seems acceptable. That is why the three looks in this blog post all involve shorts I can't put together summer outfits I know I am never going to wear I want to be honest with you in this post and show you the three outfits I will be wearing on days where I aren't at work over the summer and shorts an occurring theme. So here are the outfits I plan on wearing as much as possible whilst the sun is actually out and it is quite warm outside... 

I have been trying to add a bit more colour into my outfits this year as I am normally dressed in all black. This Adidas has been the perfect addition to my wardrobe to help me add a bit of colour as it is just so different to what I would usually wear with it being so light. I love the purple colour of the t-shirt with the white detailing for me it is just perfect for the summer months and the oversized fit of the t-shirt means it is nice and cool too so you can wear it no matter how warm it is. I think I am going to be wearing this a lot and not just in summer as it is such a good quality t-shirt. Team this up with a pair of knee length denim shorts and you are good to go. I definitely prefer knee length shorts as I really don't like my legs so at least these cover them a little bit more plus they are a bit of a looser fit which is perfect and I don't feel restricted in them at all. Throw on a pair of white sneakers with these items and you are good to go in a nice brighter outfit than you will usually see me in. 

It really is the summer of sport, we have had the Euros and we are approaching the start of the Olympics which I can't wait for then we have the football season beginning, basically I am in my element. Over the summer I tend to wear a lot of football shirts as they keep me a lot cooler due to the material they are made off and this summer my go to shirt seems to be the England away one, not just due to our great run in the Euros but also because it actually looks really smart to me with the colours, collar and buttons. I have definitely got my wear out of this shirt already but I will be wearing it a whole lot more too. Throw on a pair of nice jersey shorts with this and you are good to go. This is the most comfortable outfit I wear these days and the items work together to create a great casual look. I have noticed recently I have been really neglecting my Puma Suedes and thanks to the blue of the England shirt I am getting so much more wear out of the sneakers as they work so well with the shirt. 

Finally we have totally the opposite kind of outfit... all black. This is an outfit I revert back to so many times and thanks to me owning the items for years I have actually worn this outfit for the past few summers, minus the sneakers they are a new option. This Vans t-shirt has been one of my favourites for years now and I need to buy the size down in it now but the oversized look this one provides is actually great as it keeps me nice and cool. It is nice and simple with just the small Vans logo on the chest which fits the simplicity of this outfit so well. I team this up a pair of skinny black denim shorts to carry on the all black theme. These shorts are definitely on the tighter side but surprisingly I love them a lot as they are actually really comfortable plus I love the little turn up on them. On my feet I tend to have my Vans Old Skool as they work really well with the black theme and actually look pretty smart with the rest of the outfit, I need to get more wear out of these too. 

So there you have it those are 3 of my go to outfits for the summer granted I will be wearing more than just these 3 outfits whilst we have the warm weather but these are the ones I tend to reach for most, I have a whole other post coming up with my two overall summer outfits coming to the blog very soon so keep your eyes on the blog for that. 

What is one of your go to summer outfits? 

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