My Go To Summer Office Wear Outfits

It is safe to say summer is starting to arrive here in the UK and with me being back in the office I have had to have a good look through my wardrobe to see what clothing I own that is suitable for work and the weather. With my style changing it has been hard finding the exact pieces I want as I am still buying a lot to fit that style but I have made existing pieces work just as I wanted them to. 

It is hard with where I work as it can be 22 degrees outside and inside it feels like 5 due to us being in a really old building so I have to try dress so that I don't freeze inside and so I don't melt when I step back outside. It is safe to say my outfits have a dark theme due to that being the colour palette of my wardrobe these days but I absolutely love planning out fits for work and getting dressed up a bit as it just makes me feel a bit more me or at least the me I want to be. 

So here are my 3 current favourite outfits to wear for work during the summer months...

First up we have the most casual look I go for, a black t-shirt & black jeans. This is something I will throw on if I haven't planned anything out as it is nice and simple but gives off a bit of a smart casual vibe. This t-shirt is from Matalan and has a bit of a textured effect to it and a little bit of detail on it with some grey stripes and a red bee that just stops it being too plain. I tend to team this up with a pair of either black skinny jeans or black straight leg / girlfriend jeans as I find them comfortable for sitting around in and also they fit me much better than other sorts of jeans. I tend to wear the straight leg or girlfriend fit jeans more often these days as for some reason I am just going off skinny jeans a bit and they are appealing to me less and less everyday. I make sure I don't wear my ripped jeans anymore for work too as I just feel so much smarter in plain jeans. I usually team this outfit up with a pair of white sneakers and I am good to go. 

I have to admit I think this is actually my favourite look of them all and is my most frequent go to. In fact I love these trousers so much that every time I drop a dress size I purchase a new pair of them but they are getting hard to find at the moment which I aren't enjoying as I will be gutted when I can no longer get them. They are a really soft material meaning they are really good for sitting in all day in the office and they fit me really well as they are a bit of a tapered fit. The dark grey colour makes them look a little smarter in my eyes and I don't only wear them for work but I wear them for days out too as they are that nice. I just tend to team these up with a plain black t-shirt as I feel with what I have in my wardrobe at the moment this works the best. I am hoping I am going to be able to get some nice shirts to go with these as the weather takes a turn for the worse but for summer I will be wearing the trousers and a plain black t-shirt for now, if you can think of any other way to style these please do let me know. On my feet with this outfit I will either wear my Vans old skools or a nice smart looking pair of plain white sneakers. Throw on a nice bit of silver jewellery and you have the perfect look. 

This is the look I have experimented with the most and honestly I am really loving it as it is so different to what I would usually wear. I love it so much I wont just be wearing this outfit for work but I will also be wearing it for shopping trips, day drinking trips and so much more. It is just such a versatile outfit which I wish I had found out about sooner. This outfit is made up of a nice lightweight denim shirt from Primark which just adds a pop of colour to the outfit, a navy t-shirt from H&M which was really reasonably priced and fits nicely and then on the bottom I have my Matalan chinos which I love as they fit so well. They are the perfect leg length and fit nice on the waist too for a change. I went off chinos for a while but my love for them has certainly returned and I am looking at buying them in a variety of colours and wearing them more often. Again these are comfortable for sitting around in and are really reasonably priced. I tend to wear my Converse or some smart white sneakers with these as they seem to work the best. Again I love adding a bit of silver jewellery to this outfit as it just adds something a little extra to it.  

It is safe to say that over the next few weeks/months my wardrobe is going to be changing a fair bit and no doubt my favourite work outfits will be changing as I experiment with different combinations more often but for now these 3 outfit combinations are the ones I will be opting for as each one is that little bit different but makes me feel that little bit more confident. 

I can't wait to keep adding new pieces into my wardrobe and create tat style I am going for a lot better but for now I will stick to experimenting and loving these outfits. Which is your favourite outfit of the 3? 

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