June 2021 Fitness Update


Well June has wrapped up and it ended pretty well for my weight loss as I smashed quite a few goals. Granted I did spend a lot of the month ill and that is a big reason why my weight went down but overall I feel so much better mentally and physically than I have done in previous months granted this is definitely not down to the illness but it is definitely from finally seeing and feeling the progress I am making on my journey. So here is how my goals for June went... 

 Lose 5 lb 

Well I managed to absolutely smash this one and lost a lot more than 5 lb however, this definitely wasn't done in a way I wanted it to be. A lot of my loss for the month came from being ill and not being able to eat. I wish I could say I lost a huge amount of weight by hard work but it certainly wasn't but a loss is a loss and now I am back to losing it in a much better and kinder to my body way. 

Go for more walks

This didn't happen at all which annoyed me a little. This is mainly due to being ill, busy or the weather but I really want to get back on track with my walking as I do miss it. I am still struggling with the afters of my illness but once I am fully fit again I am going to try convince Liam to get out with me more and get back walking like we did previously. 

 Increase my fruit intake

This one definitely hasn't happened as with my illness I just wasn't eating but even when I was fine I didn't get much fruit in my diet. This is mainly because I just couldn't be bothered having any of the fruit Asda actually had in stock which lately hasn't been a lot. This is definitely one to revisit when stock levels get much better and I have more choice. 

 Make healthier food choices when I go out

Now this one I definitely did. On the few occasions when I did go out for food I made much better choices when it came to my meals. For once I didn't pick the biggest burger on the menu and I actually thought about what I was eating. I even had scampi on one day out which is something I used to love and it is safe to say I have fallen back in love with it once more. 

 Reduce the amount of alcohol I drink

Again this is definitely a goal I can tick off as complete. In June I really cut back on the amount of alcohol I was drinking and made much better choices. Granted I drank a few times but I mostly stuck to alcohol free options or low alcohol options which I know has definitely benefited me in terms of my journey not just physically but mentally too as I feel so much better. 

So here is how my weight loss for June went... 

Beginning of June weight : 15 stone 5 lb 

End of June weight : 14 stone 10 lb

Total loss for the month : -9 lb

So here are the goals I am making for myself to hopefully smash in July...

- Lose 4 lb
-Get back on track after my illness
- Limit alcohol consumption
- Less takeaways
- Get back walking
- Continue to go boxing weekly
- Don't let things opening up knock me off track

I am determined that by the end of July I am going to be closing in on the 13 stone bracket by being in the lower 14 stone section, which to be honest I know I can definitely do if I keep putting my mind to it as I have been doing and get back on track from my illness as I have had a bit of a re-feed to get some energy back. I am really impressed with how things are going lately and I can't wait to see even more progress happen as it feels so rewarding.

Total loss for 2021 : - 1 stone 1 1/4 lb 

Total loss since start of journey : - 1 stone 6 lb

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