An Outfit Made Of Items From The Primark x NBA Range

Recently Primark released their NBA range and it is safe to say it hasn't disappointed with plenty of clothing and accessories across all the departments whether you shop in the men's, women's or kids section. So far I am building up quite the collection of NBA clothing from Primark most specifically Chicago Bulls items as they are my favourite team. So far I have the items in this post, some cycle shorts, slides, socks and a hoodie and all of the items are reasonably priced and great quality. They plenty to offer for a variety of teams as we have also got my nephew some Bulls and Lakers pieces so we can match. They definitely have plenty to offer and I honestly think if the items that I am missing from the collection had been available in my size I would have easily purchased them all as no a single item has disappointed me. 

So here is my favourite outfit I have put together with my items so far... 

I am usually really hesitant about buying white t-shirts as they are often too see through and don't really do anything for my size. However, this Chicago Bulls one is a bit thinker than other t-shirts so isn't see through which is fantastic. The sleeves are nice and loose and the length is perfect for me as it doesn't ride up it just sits nicely where it needs to be. I actually braved this in a size down from my usual due to my weight loss journey and surprisingly it provides a really nice fit as it isn't clung to me and is in fact a little loose in some areas which is ideal. What I love about this t-shirt though is how the Bulls logo takes up the majority of the t-shirt and is a standout, I think if this was any smaller I wouldn't have bothered with it however, due to it being big it draws eyes in and away from any lumps and bumps that might be on show. There is another small detail on the bottom of the t-shirt which simply says Devine 8, this doesn't distract from the logo but you know it is there and is just a nice little addition. 

I teamed the t-shirt up with the joggers from the collection which again are nice and simple and fitting with the Bulls colour scheme. I didn't actually own any black joggers so as soon as I saw these ones I knew I had to get them as they would be a great addition to my wardrobe. They aren't plain either which is what I like about them. They have a thick white panel going down either leg on the side with red piping going down either side of the panel which just makes them stand out a bit more. They are nice and soft inside too which makes them really comfortable and perfect for lounging in and those days where I want to make a bit less of an effort. Surprisingly the length of the joggers are perfect too which makes a nice change as I don't have too much excess material around the bottom of them and they are a nice slim fit towards the top too. I can see me wearing these a lot throughout the autumn and winter as I tend to stay in more at those times and spend too much time lounging and making very little effort. The only other details on the joggers is the Bulls logo and the Devine 8 similar to what is on the t-shirt but honestly you can barely even see these with a longer fitting t-shirt on at the same time. 

Finally with it being a Chicago Bulls outfit for me there is only choice of footwear. My black and white Jordan's. I absolutely love how these look with this outfit as the colours flow and they are technically basketball sneakers so fit really well with the theme. They don't go up too high either so they aren't filled with excess jogger and the joggers actually sit nicely just above these so it creates the perfect look as you can see the whole sneaker, I really do need to start wearing these more often too as they have been neglected recently. 

 Now I just need to try find the rest of the range as I have my eye on quite a few other items but in particular I am really want to get my hands on the varsity jacket they are doing as I think I could create some great outfits with one of those. At least now I have managed to get some clothing from my favourite NBA team at a reasonable cost and can wear them out and about or even just sat watching games. Basketball is becoming one of my favourite sports at the moment and I am even trying to get myself a basketball net for the garden so I think it is going to be around in my life for quite a while. Are you a basketball fan? Who is your favourite team? 

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