My Current Favourite Summer Outfits

It is safe to say that the weather has warmed up here in the UK and I have been loving putting outfits together for going and about. This time last year I hated it as all my clothes were clung to me but now they fit just right it is actually quite fun getting ready as I am trying out different things.

Over the past few months I have found myself reaching for some items a lot more than others and those items are some of my favourites but again if I had these items last year I probably wouldn't have even gone near them due to them really pushing me out of my comfort zone due to the fit and the colours. 

There are two outfits that I am planning on wearing a whole lot more over the summer due them capturing the styles I want to achieve brilliantly, one is super casual whilst the other one is on the smart casual end of the scale so is perfect for those nicer days out where I want to make an effort. So here are my two current favourite summer outfits...

First up we have the more relaxed casual outfit which honestly is just a day to day one for me when I don't want to make too much of effort. first up we have my ever faithful denim shorts I have mentioned these so many times lately as they are my go to shorts due to the length and comfort of them. They are also really versatile so go with a lot of my wardrobe which is why they are worn so often. I am loving how these look with my fairly new Adidas t-shirt which has also very quickly become another favourite t-shirt thanks to how it fits. If you had shown me this t-shirt last year I wouldn't have gone anywhere near it due to the light colour but this year I am really trying to embrace trying new things and this has proven the point as I love it that much. It is a bit of an over sized fit so is perfect for the warmer weather as it keeps you nice and cool. It works really well against the light denim too. To finish off this outfit I just throw on a pair of white sneakers and I am good to go. It used to be my Nike Air Force that I would wear with this outfit however, I actually prefer how my fake Alexander McQueen's look with this outfit. 

Another outfit I am loving is more on the smart casual end and is one I have actually surprised myself with as I never thought I would pair these items together. First up we have some really soft and comfortable navy blue chinos from Matalan. To be honest I am really starting to love chinos again but have never actually had navy ones so it makes a nice change. they are the perfect fit on the waist and in the leg which makes a nice change although I do wear these cuffed. I team these up with a plain navy blue t-shirt and my short sleeved denim shirt and I love how it looks. The t-shirt and shirt complement each other really well and I just love the look it creates. I prefer to wear my shirt open so that the t-shirt is visible just like I do with a lot of shirt I own. I also like to add my silver jewellery to the outfit as it is just an added detail that is often forgotten. On my feet I tend to either wear my plain white sneakers, Vans or Converse as I think these finish off the look perfectly and capture the style I am going for really well. 

So those are my two current favourite outfits for summer and now things are opening up a little bit more these days I can not wait to be wearing these outfits a whole lot more, I also can't wait to start experimenting with other outfits too as my confidence is growing a lot more. 

What is one of your favourite summer outfits? 

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