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Well June is over and done with and it has certainly been a mixed month. I have been ill, the Euro's finally kicked off and things have opened up more here in the UK. It might have been a mixed busy month but I have still found plenty of time to spend far too much money, and it has definitely been a mixture of items purchased throughout June from football to fashion there has been a bit of everything and here is what I have bought throughout June, if you are just interested in the fashion side skip half way down the post...

For my football site I wanted some artificial grass I can just pack away and keep clean for taking some blog photos so shirts etc don't get ruined on wet grass. I picked up this 4 pack for £10 from B&M and it is working a treat already. I think I might get a few more in the future too for any bigger images. 

Marcus Rashford is one of my favourite footballers so when I saw his book was coming out at just £4.99 I knew I had to buy it. Granted this is definitely more aimed at kids but I am sure I am going to learn a fair bit from it. I am actually really looking forward to giving this a read. 

Last year I took a liking to having an Aperol Spritz every now and then so with the weather heating up I have been in the mood for them a whole lot more so I treated myself to a bottle of Aperol so I can make one whenever I like. For just £12 a bottle I definitely wasn't leaving this behind and I don't think it is going to last right long. 

I also picked up a bottle of the new WKD cocktails to try as WKD is one of those drinks that I always seem to go back to drinking no matter what. It is going to be interesting to see how much different it tastes compared to a normal blue WKD which is by far my favourite. I am really looking forward to giving this a try. 

Finally in terms of alcohol I picked up a can of beer from Tesco. Vocation seems to have become one of my favourite breweries at the moment so when I saw this for a few pounds I had to pick it up. I love any beer that is tropical so I can't wait to tuck into this on one of my gaming sessions. 

I am really trying to up my water intake again as I have been slacking a lot recently with being ill etc. So I purchased myself a new 2 ltr bottle to try encourage me to drink a whole lot more. This is just one from Poundland and the fact that it has a sports top makes it a lot better for me as these bottles are a lot easier to drink from during the day. 

Is it a football tournament without cheap plastic flags? When I saw this pack of 5 for just £1 I had to pick a pack up for me and the nephew. Seeing his little face light up when he waves the flag is fantastic and definitely makes the purchase worth it. They are still standing a month on too so well worth the £1.

I ended up on a trip to the Zoo with my family in June too and treated me and my nephew to matching gorilla soft toys. I promised him before the trip I would get him something from the shop and he wanted us to get matching gorillas so who am I to say no. I am glad he picked this though as the gorilla is one of my favourite animals and its quite a cute soft toy. Now to decide if it lives in the games room or the spare room/office. 

After the Zoo we ended up at the seaside and I tried my luck on the claw machines. I usually have quite good luck on these and I actually ended up walking away with another soft toy this time around. I have always loved Tom & Jerry so as soon as I saw Tom in the machine I needed to try and I ended up walking away with him to the families surprise. This is definitely going into the spare room as it just looks so cute for the office set up. 

My parents treated me and Liam to this fantastic little cool bar for in the garden and on the go. I had been on the look out for one of these for a while so that at gatherings or whilst sat outside I wasn't in and out of the house grabbing drinks all the time. At £29.99 I think this is going to be a fantastic purchase and is going to last a long time.

Game recently had a sale on and I finally picked up a copy of Avengers for the PS5. I have wanted this game for a while now so when I saw it was reduced I wasn't leaving it behind. I have definitely heard mixed things about this game but I am really looking forward to giving it a go for myself. 

I also picked up a copy of the Last of us Part 2 from Game as it had been reduced down to just £15. Granted I haven't even played the first installment of the game yet but I will be doing this year and at £15 this game was too good to leave behind.

I am starting to interview more and more people for my football blog so I am starting getting equipment to up my game on that front. I got this little filter for my new microphone to try ensure I get the best quality possible from my microphone and am producing the best quality content. 

In terms of a microphone after receiving a lot of recommendations I ended up picking up a Blue Snowball Ice. This was the one people claimed to be the best and it was a really reasonable price so I am looking forward to giving this a try. Who knows it may also be used for TNG Games projects in the future soon too. 

Carrying on the football theme I finally treated myself to a RB Leipzig shirt from Nike. If you know me you know how I love a good football shirt and I have had this shirt as my FIFA Ultimate Team shirt all year long so I said to myself come the end of season sales I would purchase it and I am so glad I did as I absolutely love it. 

When I got my Leipzig shirt I treated myself to the PSG away one too as it is one of my favourite shirts from this year. I love a football shirt with a collar and this one ticked all the boxes. It is perfect for the summer months too with the colours on it and I know it is going to be worn a lot it is worth every penny. 

I have been keeping my eye on the Bradford City website ready for their shirts being reduced down in price so I could pick up this seasons offerings. First up I got their 3rd shirt for just £15 to be honest I wasn't really going to be bother with this one but I may as well get the full set. 

For £15 I also got this seasons away shirt and I am glad I managed to get this one as I love when City do shirts in this colourway and it is possibly my favourite shirt out of the three. It is really good quality and fits me perfect too so it is going to be worn a lot. 

The final football shirt is this seasons home Bradford City one which again was just £15. I always purchase the home shirt so I couldn't leave this one behind. Avec make fantastic shirts for us and this is no exception. I will probably end up wearing this far too much. 

I have wanted a pair of Birkenstocks for the longest time but for how often I would wear them I can't bring myself to pay the price. Asda have some very good dupes in for just £6 so I took advantage of this and finally purchased a pair of sandals. I usually just stick to slides so this is going to make a nice change let's just hope I get the chance to wear them plenty of times. 

Did I need more sneakers? Certainly not, but for £24.99 I wasn't leaving these Adidas behind. I absolutely love the red on these and it has been a long time since I had a pair of hi-top Adidas sneakers so these are a nice treat that are probably going to be put away until the weather changes for the worse again as I think they could be a go to autumn sneaker. 

The Primark men's department have some real hidden gems especially when it comes to their fragrances. For just £2 they last a long time and smell fantastic so I am always stocked up. As soon as I smelt this Dark Soul one I had to pick up a couple of bottles and it is so nice it has already become a daily wear. 

My mum picked me a couple of Crep Protect masks from JD's latest sale at £1 each they were hard to resist. Granted we might not need to wear them for much longer but personally I would rather be safe than sorry so I will probably continue wearing them, plus you never know if the government will end up enforcing them again later down the line. 

My mum also treated me and my sister to an England bucket hat for the Euro's each as a bit of a joke but it actually looks great with my retro replica shirt. The best part is this will probably end up worn far too much in the summer especially whilst I am just lounging in the garden. 

When I was recently looking through my clothes I realised I didn't actually own any vest tops for layering or for the summer so I picked up a couple of black ones from Primark for just £2 each to keep me going. These are perfect for me especially with how often I will be wearing them and to be honest I might have to get a couple of white ones just in case too. 

I have a lot of coats and jackets but it doesn't stop me buying more especially as I am still on the look out for one that will actually keep me dry. On a trip to the designer outlet I saw this £70 one down to £40 with even more money to be knocked off so I ended up with a Nike coat for just over £20. I love the colours of the coat and lets hope it keeps me dry. 

Whilst at the outlet I also grabbed a new Nike t-shirt for £13.99. You can't go wrong with these ones and they are really comfy so I will no doubt end up getting stocked up especially as I am constantly changing clothing sizes. Once they are too big to wear daily they end up worn for lounging. 

When I bought my new Adidas sneakers I also picked up a new Jordan t-shirt, it has been a while since  I last purchased one and this was just £14.99 I believe and it is great quality. Again this will be perfect as my size is changing and for lounging in once it is too big. 

The next set of items all have the same theme and I am not even sorry. Primark recently released an NBA range and my love for the Chicago Bulls has been well and truly covered. First up I picked up some sports socks, Primark sports socks fit me the best and these are no exception plus I love the prints on each pair. 

I then also got myself some new slides which look absolutely fantastic. Me and the nephew now have matching Bulls slides too which makes it even better. Primark slides last me years so I am hoping these are the same and I get plenty of wear out of them. 

Black tracksuit bottoms aren't something I usually buy however, these Bulls ones are perfect for me and are actually really soft. They are perfect in length and are hopefully going to last me a while, I will definitely be happy wearing these out and about as well as for lounging around in the house. 

This bright red Bulls hoodie is a standout hoodie I didn't know I needed but I am so glad I have it. I love how this looks teamed up with my tracksuit bottoms and the fit is really nice too. I love the print on this and I am hoping it lasts me a long time as it is already one of my favourite hoodies I own. 

Finally for the Bulls items I picked up a pair of cycle shorts which take me way outside of my comfort zone as I usually avoid anything like these and stick to buying men's clothing. They are actually really comfortable and I feel good in them though so I am glad I took that step and tried them. 

My mum picked me up this flamingo print polo shirt for summer from Primark for just £3. This was a bit of a joke as my sister absolutely hates it but its mainly going to be worn for lounging in the garden and maybe the odd days out when it is warm again. 

My bargain of the month is definitely this Kem x Primark shirt I picked up for just £1. I love bold shirts especially for summer and this is perfect for the outfit I have in mind. I love the bold colours and I know it is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe for as long as it fits me. 

I also picked up this long sleeved grandad collar shirt from Primark for just £3 which is going to be perfect for work as the weather gets colder. It looks really smart and is a really nice fit too is it bad I want it to get colder so I can wear it already?

I purchased the zip polo from the new Kem x Primark range as I love the feel and style of this item and at £9 it is a bargain. Zip polo's are an item on trend right now and is something I love so I am sure I will be adding more soon too. I love the colours of this one but can't decide whether to wear it for work, leisure or a bit of both? I just know I absolutely love it and more are going to be added to my wardrobe over the coming months. 

Finally we have a pair of Kem x Primark checked pants. I absolutely love checked pants and I have wanted a new lighter pair and these tick all the boxes. I love the fit on these trousers and they are definitely going to last me a while. They are a bit tight at the moment but they will be perfect very soon with my weight loss and I really can't wait to get styling them as I can see them becoming a go to pair of trousers for me.

So there you have it that is everything I purchased in June. I have definitely spent a fortune treating myself but I am hoping July is a bit less spendy. I love every item I have bought though and can see me getting plenty of use out of a lot of the things, but I wouldn't be able to narrow down a favourite. What is your favourite pick up from the month of June? 

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