June 2021 Favourites

June really didn't seem to last two minutes did it? But it was filled with plenty of variety for me and apart from being ill towards the end of the month it has actually been a really good month, even with the weather being hit and miss too it hasn't spoilt anything. The month has been filled with new and old favourites and some that are more mental than anything so here are my favourite things from June...


Working on my wardrobe

My weight loss is improving my life in more ways than just me shifting the weight. I am seeing things changing and one thing is my style which I have a whole post coming about soon. This means as I am losing weight I am thinking more about the items I am wearing as my confidence is growing and I am finally starting to dress as I have always wanted to. That is why June has been spent with me working on building the wardrobe I want, granted I have a very long way to go but I have made a start and I am loving it. 

Football shirts

With the Euro's taking place I found myself living in football shirts, not that it is any different any other month. The shirts have kept me nice and cool in the warm weather and have been perfect for lounging around the house in especially when I was ill as they kept me nice and comfortable. You have probably seen I have also gone extremely overboard buying new shirts in June too which really hasn't help with me wearing other items of clothing. I need to try stop wearing football shirts as much as I do but I just love them too much. 


Feeling more confident

This has definitely come from many different factors. For years my confidence has been really low and I have struggled around other people however, June seems to have been a month of progress and I have noticed my confidence is growing daily. Granted I am nowhere near my full potential yet but I am working on it. In June I have spoken to new people at boxing and fit fans and I have enjoyed it for a change, I have even contributed to group conversations instead of hiding away at the back like I usually would. Lets hope this continues for a very long time. 


Working on specific areas - Coming up with a plan

For a while now the house has come to a bit of a halt in terms of jobs being done however, throughout June I have actually sat down and made a few lists and plans for what I would love to do with the house. This has been a case of coming up with lists of bits that need finishing off or starting and also making lists of items we could do with purchasing to sort out each room. This all started from the fact I am turning the spare room into a dressing room/ office so maybe that is just the nudge I needed... I just can't wait to get things finished off and exactly how they should be. 

Health & fitness

Finally dropping a stone

Finally after what feels like forever I have managed to get to the 1 stone lost mark on my weight loss journey, granted I want to take this journey slow as that gives me more chance of keeping the weight off but it started to feel like forever to get to my first big milestone. Things are definitely going in the right direction for me now and I am so grateful that I am seeing progress all around now, I still have a long way to go but ticking the 1 stone milestone off just makes me 1 step closer. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from June. What are your favourites from June 2021?

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