Styling White Converse For Summer

Converse have always been hit and miss for me however, in the past year or so I have really started loving them a whole lot more and I have actually picked up a few more pairs. One of my go to pairs though are my hi top all white pair as they are so versatile and go with a whole lot of items in my wardrobe thanks to them just being white. I have had these for probably 5 years now and they are still going strong however, they could do with a really good clean as they are starting to look very beat up at the moment due to how often they are being worn. What I love the most about Converse is how long they seem to last, as I say these are about 5 years old and once they are cleaned up they are as good as new with no damage to the material or gum around the edges which amazes me as they are worn all year round in all sorts of conditions from rain to sunshine to snow it just goes to show how great the quality the sneakers are. 

It is safe to say over the years I have worn plenty of different outfit combinations with these sneakers but these are 3 of my current favourites... 

First up we have probably my most worn outfit combination with these sneakers as I just love the way they look together. We have my knee length denim shorts which you know by now are my absolute favourite shorts as they are just so comfortable and fit me nicely. These are a bit on the baggier side lately but I still think they look great teamed up with the white Converse. I have actually been told in the past that this gives off a bit of a skater vibe but I really don't see it to be honest. My new favourite t-shirt to wear with my denim shorts and white Converse is this grey Gant one that my grandad kindly gave me. This is a lovely soft material and gives the outfit a bit more of a smart casual vibe in my opinion. What I love the most about this t-shirt though is that it fits me just right as it isn't too tight or too baggy which makes a nice change and the colour of it isn't too light it is the perfect shade of grey for my liking. I really love how this whole outfit looks when it is on together and it is going to be one I keep on reaching for. 

Next up we have the outfit where I think these sneakers really get the chance to stand out as other than the logo on the t-shirt they provide the only bit of colour to this outfit. To be honest this outfit could definitely benefit from a pair of low Converse rather than the high ones but I still love how the items look together, granted this outfit won't be for everyone. My black denim shorts are a pair I don't wear very often due to them being tighter and shorter than other pairs of shorts I own however, as my confidence has been growing lately I have found myself reaching for them a whole lot more. I team this up with my now over sized Vans t-shirt and I love the vibe the outfit gives off as it is definitely a casual outfit that I reach for over and over again when I just want a basic outfit as this is definitely that. 

Now I think we have my favourite super casual outfit with these sneakers for when I don't want to make too much of an effort at all but I still think these items look fantastic together. First up we have my light grey jersey shorts which are perfect for those warmer days and those days where I aren't really doing anything specific, they are really comfortable and are the perfect length for me to feel happy in them. I then team this up with my PSG away shirt from last season which is white and quite smart looking in my opinion. The white of the shirt just goes well with the white of the sneakers and I think the whole outfit just looks fantastic together. This is definitely a super casual outfit but it is one that might be one of my most often worn down to how simple it is and it incorporating my love for football. 

I am definitely loving my all white Converse but I do have my eye of low classic white ones as they will just offer me a different footwear option with a little bit of colour on it unlike this pair which are just completely white plus I think the low ones just go with a few more bits especially in the warmer months. Let's hope I can pick up a pair before the end of next summer or going into spring next year as I think they could really transform some of my outfits. 

How would you style the all white Converse? Would you dress them up or down?

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