Sanctuary Bar Scarborough

On our recent trip to Scarborough we were really struggling to find somewhere to eat due to us having to book and everywhere being full however, we came across the Sanctuary bar which looked absolutely lovely and thought we would try our luck. Luckily there was space for us so we had somewhere for food and drink that evening. 

We had never actually heard of the Sanctuary bar before but we were pleasantly surprised with great quality food and lovely drinks which were needed after it being so hot during the day. As I say we had never heard of the place before so we didn't know what to expect from the menu at all but in the end there was something for us both. So here is what we both ended up having... 

Whilst we were waiting for our food we had a couple of drinks, Liam stuck with his usual pint of Coors Light which honestly looked perfect for the day we were having as it was just so warm. I ended up with two cherry cocktails as they were on offer for 2 for £12.00. The cocktails went down a treat as they were nice and fruity and definitely the refreshing drink I needed at the time. It made a nice change from having a beer too as I often find it difficult to find a cocktail I actually like but this one ticked all the boxes. 

For our meals one of us stuck to what we knew whilst the other tried something different. Liam is the one who went for the different option which was a kofta flatbread. To be honest he let me try this and it was gorgeous however, it looked too healthy for my liking and I knew I wouldn't have eaten anything other than the meat and bread so I stuck to what I knew I liked. Liam really liked this though and finished off every last little bit of his meal and even said he would have it again, maybe we should try to recreate it at home one day. As I say I decided to play it safe and get something I knew I would like so I ordered a smoking chicken burger. What I didn't realise though was that the burger would come under a glass dome filled with smoke which definitely explained the smoking part of the burgers name. Sometimes I have found that chicken burgers can be a bit dry however this one was absolutely perfect the chicken was nice and juicy and the coating was nice and crispy. The burger bun was nice and soft too and not rock hard like it has been in some previous restaurants I have been in. Even though I took everything out of burger except for the chicken and mayo it was nice and filling too although in case that didn't fill you the burger came with a very reasonably sized bowl of chips which were cooked to perfection. Overall the food was fantastic value for money and the quality actually really surprised me.

After our food we decided to stay for a few more drinks, again Liam got his usual pint of beer whilst I got two different cocktails from the 2 for £12 menu. This time I got the bubble gum one which came with a little shot. To be honest these went down far too easily and didn't last very long. They weren't as strong as other cocktails so it was just like drinking a very sweet drink without any alcohol actually in it. I could have honestly stayed in Sanctuary Bar all night working my way through the cocktail menu as it was so relaxed and all the cocktail menu sounded perfect. 

 If you do visit Scarborough I would highly recommend checking out Sanctuary Bar for yourself as the atmosphere was brilliant, we had fantastic service and the food & drink were absolutely gorgeous and great value for money. To find out more about Sanctuary bar click here

I hope you enjoyed this post as there will be plenty more like it coming very soon especially now places are opening up again I am wanting to add a lot more posts like this to the site filled with all sorts of restaurants and bars. Right now though I want to head back to Scarborough for another Chicken burger. 

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