Sneakers I Am Planning On Wearing During Summer

This summer I am determined to work my way through my sneaker collection a whole lot more instead of sticking to the same pair like I have been doing recently. Far too many pairs of sneakers are getting neglected when they could work fantastically with some of the items I have in my wardrobe. To be honest I don't tend to wear anything out of laziness as I would more much rather just get up throw on the pair closest to the door and head straight out whether that is for a day of shopping, work or something else. It just means some pairs get beat up too soon and older ones still look brand new plus it often looks like no thought has been put into the outfit which is definitely something I want to change. I want to look like I have spent the time planning every detail and make the outfit look as perfect as possible. This got me thinking about which sneakers from my collection would be perfect for the summer outfits I have in mind and which I really should try wear a whole lot more this year. The sneakers that made the cut are...


I absolutely love my Adidas Deerupts but honestly I don't wear them half as much as I should due to the fear of ruining them. These are so bright and stand out perfectly especially for a more toned down outfit where I want to add a splash of colour on my feet these are the perfect choice. My family absolutely hate these but I definitely love them and will be wearing them a whole lot more especially once they have had a coat of Crep Protect applied. These sneakers will just add a bit more to a simple outfit if that is the mood I am in that day plus if it annoys the family they are always an added bonus. 


My Adidas Aykans are that comfortable they seem to have become my go to walking shoes lately however, they are too nice to ruin on walks so I am planning on changing that very soon and getting my wear out of them for the reason they were bought in the first place. They are so comfortable that they are perfect for long days out and the subtle colours go with a lot of the clothing I own meaning that they are really easy to style. I don't own any other sneakers in these colours and these tick all the boxes so it just makes more sense to start wearing them more often. Again though they need a coat of Crep Protect before they are worn more often. 

Puma Nova 90's Bloc

I absolutely love these sneakers and they are certainly perfect for the summer but I am too scared of ruining them to actually wear them more often but that will be changing very soon. I love the style of these sneakers and they actually look great dressed up or down, especially with a nice light pair of check trousers I own they look fantastic. These sneakers have a lot of wearable potential and I just need to get over that fear of ruining them as it is just a waste them being sat on a shelf a bit of Crep Protect and I should be good to go, I am sure you will end up seeing them on my Instagram quite a few times this summer. 

Fake Alexander McQueen's

There is no way I am paying the price for a real pair anytime soon but I absolutely love the sneakers silhouette so when I saw these fake ones for £15 I had to buy them but I haven't actually worn them properly yet. These look really close to the real thing and give me a smarter sneaker option with a black and white colourway. I have so many outfits in my mind for wearing with these sneakers and I think they have the potential to elevate my outfits even more than the other sneakers I would wear. Now lets see if I can get plenty of wear out of these before being tempted to save for a real pair in the future as they are so nice. 

Vans Old Skool

Another recent pair of sneakers I don't wear as much as I should are the Vans Old Skool but that is due to them starting to rub my heels however, a few blister plasters should cure this and I should be wearing them a lot more often. They are such a classic style and again really have the potential to dress up an outfit and make it look a lot smarter. These sneakers not only go with my trousers and jeans but they also look great with my shorts and almost all the tops I own so there is really no excuse for me to be wearing them more. I just need to get on with breaking them in and get creating some great outfits with them. 

Nike Air Force 

These are actually the pair of sneakers I am too lazy to change out of these days as they just go with everything. I wear these for literally every occasion and you can tell as after a year I am desperately needing a new pair, the backs have been worn down and they are beat up & filthy. They are just great to wear though as they are easy to style and are really comfortable plus with how much I paid for them I want to make sure a penny doesn't go to waste. These are definitely staying in my summer rotation but honestly I just need to stop wearing them daily and give other sneakers a chance. 

So here you have it that is what I am hoping my summer sneaker rotation is going to end up looking like. I just really need to get wearing pairs a whole lot more than I am as I am really wasting money on sneakers that are going unused just due to laziness. What sneakers or shoes will you be rotating between during the summer months? 

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