What To Consider When Buying Sneakers

It is no secret that I love buying footwear, specifically if it is sneakers. But over the years of buying too many pairs than I care to admit I have a few things that I do before actually purchasing a pair to make sure that I am making the right decision and getting a pair of sneakers that are actually going to fit me nicely and that I am going to get plenty of wear out of. So here is what I take into consideration before purchasing a new pair of sneakers...

How Does The Brand Run In Size

I have noticed over the years that I can buy my normal size in most brands but some I need to size down half a size. There are some brands that run a little big on me such as Puma so I just try to size down a bit if not I do get my usual size as I can deal with that little extra as it isn't too bad and doesn't effect the comfort of them but with Nike I need to stay true to size as they provide the perfect fit. Even with high street stores I can happily purchase my standard size without having to worry about them running too big. Even if you already have a pair of sneakers from that brand that fit perfect make sure you try the new pair on properly to make sure this is still going to be the case, you never know some Silhouettes may just be a little bit different. 

Are The Sneakers Versatile 

This is something I have been caught out with plenty of times in the past. I tend to buy colourways that are definitely out there and stand out but then when it comes to putting an outfit together they go with nothing in my wardrobe. I still love those stand out colourways but I only buy them if I know I have a few different outfits they will go with. Most of my recent sneakers are classics or plainer colourways so they go with a lot more in my wardrobe and I rotate them a lot more meaning they get more wear out of them so I definitely get my money worth. 

Are They Comfortable

There is no point in spending a fortune on a pair of sneakers if you aren't going to feel comfortable in them. I have found this with a pair of Jordan's I own, they just rub my feet and aren't comfortable to wear for long periods of time so I only really where them when I am out for a short time and aren't doing much walking. It is OK trying to follow the hype but it really isn't worth it if it tears your feet apart and gives you blisters and pain. With the money you are saving on passing on those hype sneakers you could buy a few pairs that are a lot more comfortable. 

Are They Cost Effective

Sneakers have definitely increased in price over recent years which is definitely annoying. However, it is very rare if I buy a pair at full price. Most pairs these days drop in price after just a few months unless they are those hyped pairs so it is definitely worth waiting before you make a purchase. I have found this is a great way of buying new things to as if you are waiting you can really make sure you do want them, if you have to wait 6 weeks and forget about what you wanted clearly you didn't want them that much and you can use that money on something else. 

Are They Going To Last

Again there is no point spending a fortune on a pair of sneakers that is only going to last you a few wears then start falling apart. I tend to stick to Nike, Puma & Adidas as these last me a long time and I can wear them for months if not years until they start to fall apart. I know that if I head to these brands for a new pair I am going to  have that pair of sneakers for a long time and I am going to get every pennies worth out of those pairs. I have found that some high street stores also have some long lasting sneakers on offer such as River Island and I have even had a pair from Primark that have lasted me almost 2 years.

So there you have it that is what I take into consideration before I buy any sneakers these days as I got sick of wasting money on things that fell apart or didn't go with the clothing I owned. What do you take into consideration before you purchase any new sneakers?

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