90 Day Challenge Part 2


Well my second go around at the 90 day challenge for my weight loss and fitness journey went a bit better than the first time but it definitely hit a few hurdles. The 90 days in which this took place we went into lockdown, came out of lockdown and then went back into it so things were a little bit all over the places but that didn't stop me from giving the challenge a good shot. 

One thing I noticed throughout the 90 days is my weight really was going up and down all over the place and to be honest at parts it did get to me a little bit as I felt like even though I was doing my best things weren't working. I did noticed that my clothing was definitely looking a lot better on me though so that was definitely a bit of a motivation booster for me when I was having those days when the scales weren't my friend. My motivation certainly wasn't there for the 90 days though as it was the lowest it had been in a long time, I honestly aren't sure why though it could have been the lockdown or it could have been the fact that in the run up to Christmas I was ill and on antibiotics which took quite a bit out of me. Being ill also meant that I didn't actually get to exercise half as much as I wanted either which was frustrating. When I did get the change to workout though I really did push myself and I guess in the end it definitely did pay off though as you will see later in the post. I really do believe though that the whole way the 90 days went is due to me not starting off in the right mindset from day 1, I think if I started off in a better frame of mind things may have been different. 

The weather definitely didn't help either as I am someone who likes sunlight and nice light mornings which we obviously we aren't getting at the moment. Throughout the 90 days we managed to get out on a few walks but the weather really didn't help from the midway point of the challenge as it got very snowy and icy meaning it was definitely hard to get out for walks without risking falling over. Plus with the dark mornings I really struggled getting out of bed as I just find getting out of bed very difficult with the darker weather and thanks to it being so dark early on a night I ended up going to bed super early too so trying to fit workouts in when I had motivation was a little difficult but I still tried to get up and do it as much as possible and I really felt great for it when I did it. 

There is one big factor that has really effected me in both attempts of this challenge... my diet. I am a fussy eater which really doesn't help but also if I am not bothered I will skip a meal or we will just order in which is something we tended to do far too often in those 90 days. Plus with the festive period I ended up having a bit too much food and drink, mix that with not eating right it wasn't good and it really had an impact on my progress. So here is how the month went in terms of my weight loss on the scales and my measurements... 

Start weight 15 st 12 3/4 lb end 15 st 11 lb

Waist start : 106 cm end : 104 cm

Hips start : 113 cm  end : 110 cm

Right thigh start : 62 cm end :63 cm

Right calf start : 42 cm end : 43 cm

Right bicep start :  32 cm end : 34 cm

Left thigh start : 62 cm end : 61 cm

Left calf start : 42 cm end : 42 cm

Left bicep start : 33 cm end : 34 cm

At least this time around I saw a loss even if it is just 1 & 3/4lb. Any loss for me at the moment is a plus as seeing the scales go down is something I haven't seen too often lately. What impressed me the most though is the measurements as seeing those go down is brilliant and it just goes to show you don't always need to rely on what the scales says as I am definitely seeing progress with the measurements a lot more than I do with the scales. My waist and hip measurements are definitely going in the right direction and these are certainly the two measurements I am focusing on at the moment. 

I definitely want to give this 90 day challenge yet another go which will be my 3rd time but I want to go into it with a better mindset from the start and with a plan, I wont be doing this until later on in the year but this what I want to do next time around... 

Stick to a routine

I find that I do a lot better when I have a routine in place so before I start the challenge again I am going to sit down and try plan out a routine that I can stick to and get the most out of. 

Stick to a diet 

I am really going to try push myself out of my comfort zone with food and try new things instead of just sticking to what I know as that is often an unhealthy choice. I also want to cook more as I always leave it to poor Liam as I aren't very good at cooking. Hopefully if we share the cooking throughout the week we might not need to order in other than when we want a treat. 

Go for more walks 

I am hoping that as the weather changes we can get out a lot more to go for walks as our local has some great walks with some great views so we would be stupid not to take advantage of that. Plus we are hoping when lockdown restrictions are starting to be lifted we can venture out a bit further to places like the Yorkshire moors and do some walks up there and maybe turn it into a weekend away too. 

Incorporate other bits into my workout routine

I am currently just sticking to YouTube videos, weights and the exercise bike for my workouts at the moment but I want to add other means of exercise into my routine too mix things up a bit so I don't get bored. I have some bits of equipment where I can add solo football training into my routine which is something I can't wait to do and I am trying to convince Liam to get us a basketball net so I can add that too. I am also hoping to get out skipping more often and also give shadow boxing a try as I have heard good things about this. 

I am definitely determined to get back on track and get the results I know I am capable of and it is time I stopped slipping back into those old habits which are definitely doing me no good. It is time to make a new plan, take action and get back on track.

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