What I Keep In My Bag On A Work Day

When I go to work I always have my backpack with me which everyone seems to find quite funny, but by taking the backpack I have everything I need for the day plus a little bit more. As I have quite a long lunch break I like to take certain items with me to pass time on my lunch break and some are also sorted in the backpack once I have arrived at work ready for when I am about to head home at the end of the day. So here is what I take to work with me daily... 


My Macbook goes everywhere with me these days and work is no exception. When I am on my lunch I like to work on blog posts and check on my social media accounts so I love having this with me to use daily. I make sure this is charged up so I don't have to pack my charger everyday. The laptop is kept in its sleeve to give it a bit of extra protection as I am a liability and often fall over my bag daily. 

Notebook & Pen

I always keep a notebook and pen in my bag as I never know when I am going to get an idea for a blog post or when I need to write something down as a to do for my sites or something I need to generally remember. At home each blog has its own notebook which is filled with things I really need to do for those blogs but just so I aren't taking up too much space in my bag I have one general notebook and then I transfer things over when I get home if needed. 

Tech Bag

I keep my little tech bag in my backpack too so that if I need my memory card reader or memory stick then I have access to it instead of having things left at home. It is so nice having everything in this little bag as I aren't losing things half as much as I used to as everything is put in there. 


I also keep my diary in my bag so I can just check if there is anything coming up that I need to do and so I can always check if I have something on in the future and get back to people as soon as possible instead of agreeing to things then having to change things round. I also keep my diary in here as it shows me what blog posts need to go live that day.


It wouldn't be my bag if it didn't have snacks in it. Although lately it doesn't have as many snacks as it used to. I will normally have one of these skinny bars for mid morning and a protein bar for mid afternoon. I am really trying to stay on track with my eating so I don't ruin my progress from the past year and continue on the right track with losing my weight. 


I keep my lunch in my backpack until I get to work unless it is just cupboard food then I tend just to keep it in my bag until it is time to cook it. I am trying my best to take lunch to work with me daily because if not I tend to spend a fortune on junk for the sake of it. I am hoping that by taking my lunch daily I save money and continue losing weight. 


I am terrible at remembering to wear my glasses but I have tried getting into the habit of wearing them more often. Even if I don't start the day wearing them I will always have a pair in my bag for later in the day as I can guarantee that my eyes will start hurting as the day progresses. I really should just keep a pair at work but at least if it is in my bag I always have access to them if I end up needing them if I head out anywhere else. 


If I am walking to work I have my earphones with me so once I get to work I put them in my backpack ready for when I go home. It is also handy to have these just in case I want to watch something or listen to something on my lunch break too. I am absolutely loving these earphones my parents got me for Christmas as I am no longer having to worry about tangled wires. 

Hand Sanitizer 

I honestly never though this one be something I carried around in my bag with everyday but it is one of the first things I make sure is in my bag. We do have plenty around work but this is great for if I am going straight to the supermarket after work or if I need to nip out for work. I do find that this is definitely the best one for me though as it doesn't dry my hands out as much. I definitely need to add some hand cream into my bag too. 


I tend to keep my mask in my coat pocket so I can get to it a lot easier but I always seem to misplace them so I always make sure I have a spare just in case. We don't actually need to wear them at work but I always need one for if I am going to the Post Office or Tesco. It is strange how they have become an essential and how they are always needed so I would rather have one or two with me so I can get into places when needed than get somewhere and not be able to go in.

Water Bottle

Something I am trying to do more often is drink plenty of water as I started to find myself not drinking for hours and getting really bad headaches then turning to caffeine for a quick fix. That is why I now try take a drink everywhere with me to stay hydrated. 

So that is what I keep in my backpack on a work day I tend to swap some contents for different scenarios so keep an eye out for those posts in the future. What are some of the first items you put in your bag when you are heading to work? All I know after doing this post is that I really want to treat myself to yet another backpack.

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