How I Style My Black & White Jordan's

When I purchased my black and white Jordan's from the Nike outlet a few years ago for the bargain price of £20 I knew I was going to love them due to how easy the silhouette and colourway is to style. The simple white mid sneaker with the simple black outlining  means it goes with basically all my wardrobe which is always a positive as the more outfit choices I have the more I enjoy the sneakers as I can wear them a lot more often than some of my more out there pairs that I own. So here are my favourite ways to style the sneakers in the colder weather.... 

On those milder days I love to team up the sneakers with a pair of skinny fit joggers and one of my current favourite t-shirts... my Gods of Basketball one from footlocker. I just love how this t-shirt fits and how it fits with the basketball theme of the Jordan's. Throw on a black tracksuit jacket with this and have it open and it is a great look. This is one of my favourite casual looks as it is really comfortable and perfect for those more relaxed days when the weather is a bit milder. 

This look is a new favourite thanks to this Space Jam hoodie I received for Christmas. I absolutely love this hoodie and the simplicity of it and teaming the grey hoodie with the black skinny jeans and the sneakers looks great. This hoodie is nice and simple but the logo in the centre of the chest just adds something to look at in the outfit which is otherwise pretty basic. This is great for those days where I just want to make a bit of an effort but not go overboard so for occasions such as days out shopping. Throw on a nice jacket with this to add an extra layer and it is great for the cold days.

My final favourite at the moment has to be one of my go to items these days but I just switch up the sneakers to give it a bit of a different look from time to time. I have always loved the checked shirt look open with a t-shirt underneath. Teamed up with some black skinny jeans and the black and white Jordan sneakers this just looks a bit smarter than the other outfits and is better for those smarter casual occasions. Throw on some jewellery with this look and you are onto a winner. Add a  beanie & jacket in the colder weather and this will be a great look. If I want this look to be a bit smarter I will button up the shirt as I find this is an instantly smarter look and makes the outfit look a bit more put together. 

As I said earlier these sneakers are a pair I can wear all year round and these are just my favourite ways to style these in the cold weather so winter, spring and autumn months. Keep an eye out as the weather starts to improve as I will do a post on how I style these with my favourite outfits in the warmer weather. How would you style these black and white mid Jordan's? 

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