January 2021 Fitness Update


Well 2021 has started the right way for me with me seeing my weight on the scales go down along with me noticing a lot more clothes looking a lot bigger on me which I am finding the best way to measure my progress at the moment. It is great seeing the clothes getting bigger as it definitely motivates me when those scales aren't motivating as much as I would like them too. January has definitely helped me get back on track and seeing progress is helping me keep going after December was a bit of an off month with lots of junk food and very little working out. 

In January I got back on track though and have been smashing my workouts and I have even incorporated a lot more weight sessions into my workout routines which has definitely made a difference and is something I am going to incorporate more and more as I have actually really enjoyed it. The new lockdown has definitely helped with all this as I have had more time at home again to focus on my workouts but another thing that has helped is Gymshark66 but I won't go into that too much as I have a whole post about that in March. It has just felt really good to have some motivation back and see the hard work payoff. 

Something else I have done is have 1 vegan meal per day for January not only has this helped me with my health issues but I also believe that this has helped me with my weight loss too that is why I am going to be carrying it on for the foreseeable future. My big issue has been snacking though as due to me being around the house all the time I am just heading in and out of the kitchen to grab a biscuit or a Skinny bar, looking at my stats for the month though I really need to cut back on this as I know my results could be so much better if I cut back on this. So here is how the month went in terms of my measurements...

Waist start : 106 cm end : 104 cm

Hips start : 113 cm  end : 110 cm

Right thigh start : 62 cm end :63 cm

Right calf start : 42 cm end : 43 cm

Right bicep start :  32 cm end : 34 cm

Left thigh start : 62 cm end : 61 cm

Left calf start : 42 cm end : 42 cm

Left bicep start : 33 cm end : 34 cm

I am actually really impressed and surprised with these measurements from the month as I honestly wasn't expecting them to as they are, especially in terms of my waist and hips. I actually expected all of my measurements to go up rather than down so to see a bit of a mixture of progress is brilliant. 

And here is how my weight loss went on the scales...

Beginning of January weight : 15 stone 11 & 1/4 lb 
End of January weight : 15 stone 10 lb

Total loss : - 1 lb

To be honest I am impressed with the 1lb loss as at the end of the day it is a loss and not a gain. I definitely know that more could be done to improve on this like cutting back on snacks & swapping the snacks for healthier alternatives. I am also going to try do a lot more workouts too to try make even more progress. I am also determined that in February I can up my water intake too as I am really slacking in that area. All I can say is bring on February. 

Total loss for 2021 : - 1 lb

Total loss since start of journey : -6 & 3/4 lb

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