January 2021 New In

Well January is finally over after what feels like forever, it really has been one of those months one minute it has gone really fast then it has just gone really slow. I said I wasn't going to spend a right lot of money been December and January pay day as it had just been Christmas but I have definitely done the opposite of that and spent far too much once again. Some of the items were needed for the return to work which didn't actually happen but I am actually really impressed with what I picked up. So here is what I got...

On a trip to our local garden centre I noticed they had some really reasonably priced beers. I love trying new beers so to see ones I had never seen before I thought I would get us stocked up. None have been drunk yet as I haven't really bothered drinking since New Year so I am looking forward to tucking into them. 

I needed a new t-shirt for Christmas day so I picked up the Mandalorian one from Asda as it was in the sale. I love this and it fit nicely and no doubt I will wear it in 2021 too as we get to the end of the year. 

Carrying on with the Star Wars theme I got these 2 pairs of socks from Poundland as it turns out I can fit into their kids range of socks. To be honest these are just so I have something other than sports socks to wear for a change plus you can't beat Yoda. 

Did I need new sneakers? Nope, but at £15 I wasn't leaving them behind as they look a bit smarter than my other pairs and I can see me wearing these a lot. River Island really became one of my favourite shops in 202 and to be honest I could have spent a fortune in store when I got these but I managed to put a limit on things. 

I also picked up a new hat that one of my favourite YouTuber's was selling his t-shirts were amazing and this hat is fantastic too as it looks good and fits really nice which makes a change for me with hats. 

Another pick up from River Island was this t-shirt, I actually have a long sleeved version of this which is really comfortable so I had to pick up the similar short sleeve version too. This was in the sale for £7 and I needed a t-shirt that fit me nice so I wasn't leaving it behind. 

To say that I bought the Star Wars socks to get away from wearing sports socks all the time I also ended up picking up a pack of sports socks from Primark. I haven't had these ones before but I feel like they are a bit comfier and thicker than my Nike ones and at £5 they are a lot cheaper. 

One of my main reasons for going out shopping between Christmas and New Year was to get some clothing for work and to be honest I didn't find much in store except this jumper from Primark. I love these jumpers as they are only £5 so I don't feel like I am wasting money while I lose weight and they fit nice too. 

JD is a shop where I normally don't find any bargains in my size as it is a pretty popular size. When I saw this Adidas jacket for just £20 and in my size I wasn't leaving it behind as I love the colours of this and how it will go with a lot of my wardrobe too. I am definitely going to be getting plenty of wear out of this. 

Also for work I ordered a couple of long sleeved 1/4 zip polo shirts from Boohoo Man. I am really impressed with the quality of these polo shirts and I am really looking forward to getting back in the office so I can actually wear these. They are definitely a lot smarter than what I used to wear. 

I needed some more BCAAs so I decided to try the cola for a change and Liam decided he wanted to try the berry burst ones too. We also got a couple more shakers as they are really good and last quite a while plus with us drinking these daily it is always worth having spares. I have really weak wrists too so I got some wrist straps to try for when I do push ups and weights. 

I have wanted Mattdoesfitness' book since he announced that he was writing one so a few days after it was released I finally picked it up. I love Matt's channel and I am really looking forward to giving this a read and hopefully implement some bits into my weight loss journey. 

I picked up the latest Pinch of Nom book too as I love these and I am trying to cook a lot more in 2021 so this should come in handy. We have all 3 of these books now so we should have plenty of meal options. 

I had been neglecting my Macbook by not buying a case for it. I finally managed to find one I liked on Amazon and it even comes with a little pouch that is going to be really handy for putting my charger in too. I was a bit worried my laptop might have been a little small for it but it is the perfect fit. 

With me wanting to start creating reels for my Instagram I have finally purchased a phone attachment for my tripod. I am hoping this makes creating content on my own a whole lot easier. 

I am sick of files constantly getting mixed up so I ended up picking up 2 more memory cards so I now have one memory card for each blog. Fingers crossed this will help me become a bit more organised and know what is where and what actually needs doing instead of spending forever trying to find the correct file. 

finally we have my favourite purchase... the Xbox Series X. I wanted this as soon as it was released but struggled to find one in stock so when I checked Argos at 3am one morning and they had it to collect that same day I wasn't leaving it behind. I know that between me and Liam we are going to spend plenty of hours on this and our games room is now complete. 

That is what we picked up in January what did you pick up? Have you treated yourself after Christmas? 


  1. I found January went by so quickly! I can't believe it's February.

    It looks like you treated yourself! No harm in that :) Plus, it seems, for the most part, you were looking for items that are practical as well as something you enjoy, so I'd call that a win.

    I haven't done much shopping for myself lately. I did pick up a tunic top, and, though it's technically lost in transit, I bought some skincare stuff. But I'm keeping it pretty modest right now!

    1. That is brilliant I need to cut back on my spending.