Best Tips For Trying On Clothes & Working Out What Is Right For You...

In the current climate it is becoming more and more difficult to buy items that fit correctly 1st time and I have struggled due to my size changing and being unable to try on before I buy or having to use guessing work. I have used some tips to make my experience better and easier when buying clothing over the past year or so and it is actually working and some of these tips also help with the fact that online shopping is happening more often and fitting rooms are shut. So here is what I do to ensure I aren't wasting my time and money when purchasing new clothing...

Think about the outfit you are wearing before you head out or start trying on

For so long I would head out shopping all layered up then get stressed when it came to trying clothing on as it would take me forever to get changed and then get dressed again once I had finished trying on. Now when I know I am going to be looking at clothing I make sure I am dressed with the basics and not too many layers so getting changed is much easier and I aren't spending forever in the fitting rooms. This just speeds the process up and I don't get fed up before even trying the 1st item on. I even take shoes into consideration when I go out to purchase clothes as I don't want to wear something that is going to take me ages to get on and off. 

Have some form of fashion inspiration 

For me most of my fashion inspiration comes from Pinterest or Instagram and when I am on the look out for new clothing I consider how some of my favourite items look on the people on those platforms. This just gives me a rough idea of what sort of fit I should be looking at before finding the item. If the item looks better as an oversized item, I want to head into my shopping looking for a similar fit as the item possibly won't look good skin tight. 

Consider how sizing runs for that store 

This drives me mad, some stores I can be a large, others I am an XL which definitely makes shopping online a lot harder however, if you have bought from the store previously then you will have a rough idea of how a t-shirt or shirt is going to fit from there and what sizing to opt for. If you are shopping online at a store you haven't had anything from before then have a look at size guides, reviews and see if there is a comparison online to stores you have used before. 

Does the fabric work for you?

You should have a rough idea of what fabrics work for your body, for me I know certain jumpers will cling to me so I tend to avoid them and I know that some will be too itchy and stiff so they are uncomfortable that is why I stay away from anything like that. I know what flatters my  body and what really doesn't so I have a rough idea of what to look for when I am buying new items. 

Is the item you are trying on the correct length?

This is something I really struggle with when purchasing clothes, thanks to me having short arms and legs I struggle with sleeves and trousers being too long for me. That is why now I make sure everything is a length that I am comfortable with and that still looks good. For jeans and trousers I don't mind having small turn ups however, I don't want them with too much excess material or ending up being too short. This is actually one of the first things I check when trying any trouser or long sleeves now. 

Can it be altered?

If the item fits perfectly in some ways not others can the item be taken somewhere to be altered? This may cost you a bit of extra money to take it to a professional however, if it is an item you have wanted for a while or something you have fallen in love with then that extra cost will seem small if you are getting that item. If say a pair of jeans are trying on fits perfectly on the legs and in length but not very well on the waist just think about if you could have them taken in to fit a lot better and create the perfect fitting pair of jeans. 

Do you feel comfortable

This is a big one for me when it comes to trying on clothing. Am I going to be happy to wear this outfit all day in the office or when I am out and about? Is it going to be comfortable to sit around in? These are big factors that I consider when I am trying anything on, if something feels too tight, I aren't going to buy it as I won't want to be sat at my desk all day feeling restricted. Similarly if an item is too baggy/oversized I just don't feel comfortable in it. I don't want an item where I am going to be pulling the sleeves down all day either as it is just a nightmare. 

Will it fit with the rest of your wardrobe?

I used to pick up any random item just because it was cheap then I would try make it into an outfit and it wouldn't go with anything else I owned. Now when I try items on I try to picture what I already own so I know if it is worth picking the new item up or not. There is no point wasting money on something you aren't going to wear or where you are going to have to buy other items to fit it into an outfit straight away. When trying it on and looking in the mirror try picture it in 3 outfits or more that way you know you aren't wasting money.

Fingers crossed it wont be too long before fitting rooms start to open once more and the clothing shopping experience is made even easier and we are having to return less purchases. Just remember these tips work for online shopping, trying on store purchases at home and when the fitting rooms open so they will hopefully help you reduce the amount of returns you have to make and also stop you buying the wrong items when in store. 

I hope these tips help you like they have me, let me know if you have any tips for making sure your clothes fit right before you make a purchase or keep an item. 

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