January 2021 Favourites

Well we have started 2021 the way we spent most of 2020...  in lockdown. This has meant me once again spending a lot of time at home trying to find something to do. There have been a few new favourites for the start of the year but honestly most have stayed the same and here they are... 


Lounge wear

I have been living in lounge wear recently and I have loved it. I have especially been loving this Xbox lounge wear set that I received for Christmas. This has been perfect for me just to throw on in a morning and then sit in the games room blogging or gaming all day as it is so comfortable and fits really well. I can see lounge wear being a solid favourite for the next few months. 


Staying Productive

 While I have been sat at home I have found I really need to stay productive or my mood just plummets. That is why my days are now filled with gaming and blogging. I am so glad I have had these hobbies to keep me busy throughout these lockdowns or I may have just lost the plot.  


Games Room 

The games room is another solid favourite as again I am spending 90% of my time in this room daily. Whether it is gaming or blogging I am in that room and I love it. There have been some new additions in the room since Christmas such as some nice new lights, new games and an Xbox so there is plenty to do in possibly the most used room in the house. 

Health & fitness

Vegan Meals 

I have loved varying my diet throughout January which is what I have done whilst eating 1 vegan meal per day. I feel so much better for doing this as I feel it is helping me eat different foods and help me with my weight loss goals. I was only going to do this for one month but I now think I am going to carry it on a lot longer. 

Working Out  

Towards the end of 2020 I lost a lot of motivation in terms of my weight loss journey due to being ill and just not really seeing progress. However, I have started 2021 off pretty well it took a little time to get back into things but I am really enjoying working out again and we even went on a walk for a change too. It has been nice seeing progress again and I can't wait to make even more in the future. 

So there you have it those are my favourites from January. What are your favourites from January 2021?

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