Things I Am Going To Treat Myself To As I Lose Weight


With me losing weight I have set myself some incentives to help keep me on track and making positive progress. Most of the incentives are clothing related as I have realised that as I am losing the weight I am going to need new clothes as my old ones will be getting too big for me. My rewards are all for at different points of my journey so that I always have something to aim for and to be honest these items are all ones I have wanted for a long time but have put off due to me wanting to use them as goals and so that they will fit me for longer. So here are those items that I am really hoping to pick up as rewards as I lose the weight.... 

Gymshark Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I have had my eyes on some Gymshark long sleeve t-shirts for a while but I have decided I don't want to purchase anything else until I am down to at least a medium in clothing. I have enjoyed working out in long sleeve t-shirts lately as they just add an extra bit of warmth during workouts but they also do some nice ones that could be used for lounging too. 

Gymshark Joggers

I currently have 1 pair of Gymshark joggers and they are one of my favourite pairs. So one of my goals is going to get a new pair when I drop at least 1 more stone as I want them to fit me better and last me a while. There are plenty of options on the Gymshark site for me to pick from and luckily I have plenty of time to pick which ones I really want.


I have never owned a pair of Levis but there jeans look absolutely brilliant and I have had my eye on some for a while now. I really struggle finding nice jeans at the moment but I am really hoping that as I lose more weight and get closer to my end goal that I am going to be able to fit into some dark denim and black ones comfortably. 

Levis Hoodie

This is something else that I have wanted for such a long time however, I have held off buying it. I am hoping that by the time I have lost 2 stone I will be able to find one that fits me nicely. I think I will end up with the grey one that I have wanted for so long. 

All Saints T-Shirt

Again this is another item that I have wanted for so long but haven't picked up yet. I want to be able to try this on before I buy it to make sure it fits right. I am hoping that by the time it comes to me picking up with this  I will be able to actually try it on in store. There are some pretty good ones available at the moment from the brand so I am hoping that I make my mind up on one I want soon.

Manchester United Shirt

This is definitely going to be the 1st item I pick up once I hit that one stone lost goal. I want the shirt with Heath printed on the back as I have wanted a Heath shirt for far too long. I am just glad that by the time I get to my goal it might be reduced in price a bit as the prices have got ridiculous on shirts lately. 

Adidas Joggers

I have had my eye on these 3 stripe joggers for years now but I haven't been able to get a pair that have fit me nicely. I am hoping that as I lose weight that these will finally fit me right as I know I will get plenty of wear out of them too. They are definitely on the pricey side at £50 but for how much I would wear them it is definitely worth it. 

North Face Coat

Finally we have probably the most expensive item on this list... a North Face coat. Again this is something that has been on my wish list for a long time however, I can't fit into one comfortably at the moment. I think this again is going to be for when I reach my end goal as I want it to last me as long as possible. 

So there you have it those are the items I will be rewarding myself with for my weight loss, I definitely find it more motivating having those rewards to aim towards. Do you set yourself rewards for when you hit your goals?  

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