My Current Favourite Sneakers In My Collection

When I started earning my own money I also started a bit of a sneaker collection and in recent years I have added quite a few pairs that I instantly fell in love with however, I do have quite a lot of pairs that stand out to me more than others and that I tend to wear a lot more than others as they just go with more of my wardrobe or are comfier than other pairs. It is very rare that I ever pay full price for a pair of sneakers too so these favourites of mine aren't exactly hype sneakers as I just can't justify those prices and these are actually mainly bargains I have found whilst I have been out and about, there are a few accidental finds on here that quickly cemented themselves on this list so here are my current favourite sneakers in my collection... 

I picked up these Nike Air Max 200's for just £40 and I absolutely love them. The colours on these work really well as they are mainly black and white with the little bit of red, green and yellow that just make them a little different to other pairs I own. These are really comfortable too which is great as I can wear them for long periods of time without having to worry about them hurting my feet if I am out for the day. They are also a lot chunkier than some of my other sneakers so they are perfect for those different street wear style outfits I opt for sometimes. 

I never used to bother with Puma sneakers as I always seemed to steer towards Nike or Adidas but a while back I was looking for some white sneakers for the warmer weather and I came across the Puma Nova 90's Bloc sneakers which are definitely different to other sneakers I have ever owned. What I love most about these sneakers is the bit of pink on these as that little bit of pink just makes them perfect for a variety of outfits in the warmer weather. They are also really easy to clean so I can get away with wearing them in the UK weather a lot more without having to worry about them getting easily ruined. 

Adidas NMD's had been on my wish list for a very long time so I was really happy when I found these red and black ones for under £100. They are so comfortable and the darker colours are great for the autumn which is when I tend to wear these most. They are really easy to style with most of my wardrobe been dark too but they are also great in the summer too with a nice pair of shorts. They are really comfortable due to the boost sole and the knitted upper, with some sneakers I find my feet feel restricted due to the upper being tight but these are brilliant and actually stretch nicely without losing shape. 

My everyday sneakers for work, walks and those random shopping trips seems to be the white Nike Air Force 1's as they are really comfortable, easy to get on and off and also really easy to clean. I am surprised that these have stayed in such good condition with the amount of times I have worn them and with the tasks I have worn them for. These are one of the only sneakers I have actually paid full price for recently as I had wanted them for such a long time and I have already told everyone these are a pair I am going to repurchase over and over again due to how impressed with them I am. 

Finally we have a pair that I haven't worn much yet due to the weather but have made it to my favourites list due to the design of them and the fact that I know I am going to get plenty of wear out of them when the weather changes. I originally bought the Element React 55's for the gym but seen as I cancelled that membership before wearing them I know these are going to be the perfect summer sneakers. I can see them being so easy to style with some shorts or joggers and the colours on the sneakers are nice and stand out without making the sneakers too in your face. I just hope they are easy to keep clean & clean when needed. 

I am trying to stop spending so much money on sneakers as I really don't need anymore and need to get wearing more of what I own. Off this list which pair would be your favourites? What pair out of your own collection are your favourites that you wear or want to keep in good condition? 

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