My Favourite Printed Shirts From My Wardrobe

One thing I don't think you can beat is a good printed t-shirt. I do have a good selection of plain t-shirts but I definitely find myself picking out a printed t-shirt most days when I aren't working. Each print is something different and adds another layer and a bit of personality to my outfits. My most worn t-shirts are hung nicely in my wardrobe and those that are a bit older and not worn as often are in a drawer where I can easily pick them out if needed. I certainly have far too many printed t-shirts and it was actually quite difficult to narrow down which ones are actually my favourites but here we go here are the six that made the list...

I love this Gods of Basketball t-shirt that I picked up from Footlocker. This was only £9.99 so it was a real bargain to say how much I have worn it since I bought it. The t-shirt is a thicker material than most of my other t-shirts which is great for the cooler weather. What I love most though is the huge print on the front that really grabs your attention. You can tell it is good quality too as it has gone through the washer & dryer plenty of times but hasn't started to crack yet. I don't plan on stopping wearing this anytime soon and I can't wait for summer to wear it with some shorts and my Jordan's.

I became a little obsessed with buying Levis t-shirts the other year and I actually own 6 of them at the moment which are basically the same t-shirt but just in different colours. My favourite out of all these though is the grey one with the batwing logo as it is so easy to wear with plenty of the jeans etc in my wardrobe. I do tend to wear this more in the spring & summer though as it looks great under a denim jacket or teamed up with my shorts. It has really held its shape too after plenty of wears and washes. I just need to start wearing the other colours of this t-shirt a bit more too as they are definitely being neglected. 

I picked this grey River Island t-shirt up last year and it really kicked off my love for the store and got me shopping there more often. This was another bargain at just £7 in the sale but it is that nice I would have definitely purchased this at full price too. I love how from the front this looks so simple but then you turn around and there is a large print on the shirt created in a different type of material which just makes the t-shirt stand out and makes it nice and different, I can't wait to wear this in the summer to show off that print. This t-shirt is different to most of the others in my wardrobe though as it is actually oversized and I think this could definitely be a look I find myself picking more often thanks to this t-shirt showing me how good it can look instead of always having the perfect fitting t-shirt. 

 Another favourite that has come from River Island, the store really did become one of my favourites in 2020 as they had some fantastic clothing on sale. This black t-shirt is another sale find and was just £7 again like the grey one so yet another bargain. Again I love how this doesn't just have a print on the front it has one on the back too. On the front is is a nice simple print on the chest, but then on the back you have some printed writing on the bottom with the word community larger so it stands out. I love the colours on this t-shirt too as it is so simple with the black t-shirt, write writing and a little bit of pink writing to stand out that little bit more.

Weekend offender is a brand that I have loved for years and it was actually my sister who brought it to my attention. I love how the brand incorporates both football and sneakers which are two of my favourite things. I love this Elite Squad t-shirt due to the big sneaker print on the front of the t-shirt as the colours work really well together. The only problem I have had with this brand is that it sometimes runs tight but this one is perfect. This has been in my wardrobe for years now and I can't get enough of it.  


My final favourite is another one from Weekend Offender but this time it is the Casuals FC design which again has been in my wardrobe for years and again the print isn't cracking which goes to show how good it is in terms of quality. The main reason I love this t-shirt though is because of the giant football on the front which is the main reason I bought it in the first place. Plus the colours on the football just add something different to my wardrobe instead of the usual black, grey and red which is what I have the most of. Teamed up with some skinny jeans, converse and a bomber jacket this t-shirt looks fantastic. 

I definitely have too many t-shirts and I am now going to try stop buying them until I have dropped down another clothing size so that I finally stop wasting some money and streamline my wardrobe a little bit. 

What are some of your favourite printed t-shirts in your collection? Or do you tend to just wear plain t-shirts?  

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