My Updated Jewellery Collection

I have always had a pretty small jewellery collection, thanks to me not really wearing it that often however, as my style has changed I have found myself wanting to grow my collection a bit more so I have pieces that work well with each outfit. With me staying in the majority of 2020 I haven't actually picked up as many pieces as I would have liked to, there was no point spending money on something to sit in my jewellery box all day everyday but as things started to open up a bit I ended up picking a few bits up which I am absolutely in love with. So here is what I picked up throughout 2020...

Feather Necklace 

My sister and nephew picked this up for me for my birthday from River Island. I absolutely how this looks against the majority of my t-shirts. I think what makes this necklace so good for me is that it hangs at just the right length and isn't too heavy like some necklaces you can get with pendants. The feather has really nice details on it and really makes a minimal outfit a whole lot nicer. 

Compass Necklace 

My sister and nephew also got me this one from River Island for my birthday and just like the feather one it is fantastic. The men's jewellery in River Island is fantastic and honestly I could spend a fortune on it but this necklace was a stand out to me. I love the little details on it and the black and silver colour again works so well with the clothing I own. Just like the feather one this also hangs at the right length too. 

Grandad's Ring 

Whilst I was helping my parents clear out the loft we came across a box of my grandad's things and there was some of his jewellery in there. My dad gave me this ring which I know is going to be kept nice and safe for a very long time and I will probably only wear it for special occasions so I don't lose it. It is a really nice ring and surprisingly fits me, it is just really nice to have something of his in my collection. 

Gucci Ring

The Gucci Ghost ring was one of my biggest purchases of 2020 but is one I am so glad to have made. I had my eye on the ring for a while bit wasn't too sure if I could justify the price but after a bit of saving I gave in and picked it up. I absolutely love the Ghost range and the details on this ring. Now I just need to be able to go out to get dressed up and wear it. This is the only high end piece of jewellery I own but I will definitely be buying more in the future. 

As I seem to have found a style I love the most now in terms of my fashion, this now flows through my wardrobe and I would love to pick up some more jewellery pieces I would love to add to my little collection that also flows with that style. I want to purchase versatile pieces that are going to work with a lot more than just a few outfits. I would love to add a couple more necklaces into my collection and I actually have my eye on a few already. I could also do with some new earrings as I tend to just stick to the same pair over and over and I fancy mixing it up a bit. There are also a few places I would like to pick up some rings from as I have seen some fantastic designs thanks to the people who I follow over on Instagram. My main aim though is to pick up some bracelets as this is the area I am really lacking in and I am sick of my wrists feeling so bare. 

Who knows 2021 might also be the year I find some Apple Watch straps that go well with the rest of my jewellery instead of just using the black strap all the time. Let me know if you have any jewellery or watch strap recommendations. 

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