Weight Loss #7 Back At It

Well it has been almost 2 month since I last posted as part of this series (find part #6 here) and that has just been due to my mentality in the run up to my op and after it. My weight pre op was 15 st 13 lb and now thanks to not watching what I was eating and not been able to do any exercise it has gone up 5lb to 16 st 4 lb. Something just clicked in my yesterday and I am determined to get back on track fully, I can go back to the gym, work can be done in the garden and I am more than capable of eating a whole lot better. So as of this week I am going to be making a few changes and actually coming up with a proper routine for myself. This will include waking up early to do yoga and have breakfast, having a herbal tea each night before bed, only drinking water through the day on weekday's and preparing as many meals as possible. I am hoping that this really helps me along with my journey plus I want to start getting out more with the football to help me get back into the game. I just really need to stick to this new routine and hopefully it will also help me with my sleep.

So my Aims for the week ahead are:

Go to the gym twice
Eat breakfast everyday 
Try yoga for the first time
No takeaways

New Start weight 16 st 4 lb
Goal weight for next week 16 st

I am hoping that by sticking to these aims I can drop a couple of lbs and finally get back on the weight loss journey, keep an eye out for the posts too as this series is definitely back for good.

See you soon

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